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Top finalists for MnSCU

For a system that educates the majority of undergraduates Monday, MnSCU will be making a final choice for chancellor.

The finalist of the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities system, aiding 277,000 undergraduates, could be known as soon as Wednesday, reported The Daily.

The MnSCU has decided to have several finalists because it is essential that the candidate be able to lead the public system through difficult times, reported the Star Tribune.

According to the Star Tribune, the vice president at the U for scholarly and cultural affairs, Steven Rosenstone; and William Sederburg, the Utah Commissioner of Higher Education, will be the finalists to face MnSCU's governing board Tuesday and Wednesday.

The Fox 9 lead in the Moscow bombing

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The lead that Fox 9 uses to interest the audience works by giving a single gruesome detail. At the first glimpse the audience reads about a "severed head" and then at the end of the lead it is connected with a bomb that killed 35 people (Fox 9).

The news elements that are in the lead are what, where, and when. The what is the "severed head of suspected suicide bomber", where is the Russian airport, and when is Monday (Fox 9). The detail is the number of people who died, 35. The general details are that a bomb killed people in a Russian airport.

This hard news lead includes the critical detail needed to capture attention but balances it with general details so the audience knows some of the background information. They get hooked on the first three words and then learn that the words correlate with a suicide bombing.

Body found close to TCF Bank Stadium

The suspect that was missing and involved in a child pornography case Thursday, was found near the University of Minnesota campus.

The Minnesota Daily reported that Keaton Patrick Murphy was discovered in a boxcar close to TCF Bank Stadium and university police are waiting on autopsy results.

The University police filed a missing person release for Murphy because he had disappeared after being released from Hennepin County jail Jan. 20, stated the Star Tribune.

The dean of the University's College of Liberal Arts said his condolences to family and friends about the death of Keaton Murphy, and that the loss of a student is upsetting for everyone in the community, reported the Star Tribune.

Moscow airport bombing has first suspect

A bomb killed 35 people, Monday, in the Moscow airport and is suspected to be related to the North Caucasus militant group.

The investigation of the suicide bomber has lead authorities to believe that it was a man named Vitaly Razobudko, but no one can confirm that he was the bomber, reported The New York Times.

Fox 9 reports that the bomb in the arrivals hall of the Moscow airport had the same power as 11lbs of TNT and contained metal objects to inflict the most damage.

Russian President Dmitry Medvedev told officials to make new plans and prevent any further attacks in Russia on airports and other forms of transportation because he wants to show that Russia is a safe place for international business, reported The Wall Street Journal.

Now is the time for building the future

President Obama emphasized moving toward the future, Tuesday, as he focus's on budget deficits and education in his State of the Union address.

Obama told The Washington Post that innovation in the form of education and budget reform are going to aid the United States in the future and remain a world leader.

The vision Obama relayed to the nation didn't focus on the high unemployment rate but the necessity to keep up with competitors, lower the corporate tax rate, and make cuts in areas such as health care, reported NPR.

Obama ended his address with the American Dream, and that the United States will continue to achieve great things, reported The White House.

Sharing Breast Milk, Is it Safe?

The FDA approved formula is put aside, Monday, as mothers search for donated human milk because it is the most healthy way to feed their babies.

The Food and Drug Administration said that sharing untreated breast milk increases babies risk of contracting HIV, hepatitis B and other diseases, reported NPR.

This does not stop people from buying human milk because there is no better way for babies to build immunities against infection, diarrhea and respiratory illnesses, reported CBS News.

CBS said these concerns about untreated milk can be prevented by purchasing from a human-milk banking system with licensed facilities, where milk is pasteurized and tested.

Lindsey Ward told NPR that she would need a prescription for a milk-bank and that it was over $3.50 per ounce, which lead her to a Facebook group called Eats on Feets where she didn't have to pay as much.

Two shot in Southeast Minneapolis

Two men were shot outside a Minneapolis Somali community center Monday evening, increasing the community's concern for safety.

The Brian Coyle Center in the Cedar-Riverside neighborhood has experienced a previous shooting in September 2008 when a 20-year-old Somali student was killed after volunteering at the center, the Minnesota Daily reported.

Tony Wagner, president of Pillsbury United Communities, who helps run the center told the Star Tribune that video cameras and extra lighting were added to provide more security.

The Minnesota Daily reported that the center lost its security guard in January because of budget cuts.

Mohamud Mohamud and Rithwan Badel, the two shot victims, were brought to Hennepin County Medical Center and both are expected to live, the Star Tribune reported.

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