The Fox 9 lead in the Moscow bombing

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The lead that Fox 9 uses to interest the audience works by giving a single gruesome detail. At the first glimpse the audience reads about a "severed head" and then at the end of the lead it is connected with a bomb that killed 35 people (Fox 9).

The news elements that are in the lead are what, where, and when. The what is the "severed head of suspected suicide bomber", where is the Russian airport, and when is Monday (Fox 9). The detail is the number of people who died, 35. The general details are that a bomb killed people in a Russian airport.

This hard news lead includes the critical detail needed to capture attention but balances it with general details so the audience knows some of the background information. They get hooked on the first three words and then learn that the words correlate with a suicide bombing.

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Jessica: You're doing a great job with the blog. Keep it up. GG

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