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I've had 2 weeks now and have spent about 60 % with the technicians learning what they do and how the automated systems work in a hospital setting. As I have no previous experience in this type of setting it is probably more useful to me than those of you who work in hospitals already. FYI- If you have not worked in a hospital before be sure to bring you intern manual as you can get a few things checked off your list. The other part of the time has been spent on other aspects such as spending time with the 2 students who are on their APPE acute care rotation, sitting in on patient reivews with them and listening to their reports ( great to know what to expect for next year). I also have projects from my preceptor and next week will be spent entirely with the pharmacist on the different floors. Yesterday I followed one of the Pharmacy resident and her preceptor at the ER for part of the day. We reviewed cases, worked through the reasoning behind what the ER doc's were prescribing meds for and responded to a couple of codes.