April 12, 2005

LiRaspian Thinking

Minneapolis has never had a form mass transit besides busses and trollies back in the day. Other major metropolitan cities have Subways, ELs, Metros, and Trollies and I believe with the addition of Light Rail in Minnesota, Minneapolis is now officially a big city. It already was a big city but now it feels even a little more big. Since I was a small boy, I have imagined that Minneapolis would get some sort of track ridden transit. After being in Chicago and Seattle, I just thought it would be a perfect compliment to the City.

After I officially rode the Light Rail for the first time, I became a fan. The ride is smooth, economical, and even entertaining(people watching). Each station I stopped at appeared to have similar architecture. There was somewhere for you to get off the train and then there was a waiting area under covering that you can wait in. The lights in the stations are the first things I noticed while riding. The lights were extremely bright and gave off somewhat of an abnormal glow. With these lights being continous throughout the entire line I believe gave the Light Rail a very modern look. The station that I actually stepped off the train and studied had a familiar sense to me. The overhang and the digital displays reminded me of the train system in England. The station I was looking at could have been in oxford and I could have been having tea. It was an errie sense. I believe that people who use the light rail often practice Somnambulism because the architecture and design of the light rail is absolutely splendid but since its maiden voyage, I haven't heard anyone discuss how sleek and modern the light rail is. People walk throughout these stations and don't acknowledge all the hard work and design that went in to the light rail. I believe that the light rail is a wonderful mode of transportation that we should implement vastly across minneapolis. A train going to ridgedale, a train going to rosedale, and maybe a train to uptown might breath life into the idea of mass transit. photoRail.jpeg

Here is a link to another site dedicated to light rail. http://www.ci.minneapolis.mn.us/citywork/light-rail/

Posted by schw0897 at April 12, 2005 1:16 PM