Violet Crustaceans Found

A bright purple crab and four other species were found on the Philippine Island of Palawan.

This neon colored crab was discovered by Hendrik Freitag, of Germany's Senckenberg Museum of Zoology reported News 24.

These crabs are hard to miss in that their bodies are a bright purple color and claws are almost a florescent orange reported National Geographic.

According to News 24, these crabs lay their eggs in fresh water, and the eggs emerge into already young crabs. They normally forge for food at night.

Freitag told National Geographic that these crabs evolved by a fluke and that there is no real use for the color except for show.

Dirt Biking Ride Takes a Tragic Turn

An Oak Grove boy dies after an accident on his dirt bike while riding in his local motor cross track.

Nicholas Engler, a 9-year-old Oak Grove boy dies after a falling off his dirt bike reported Minnesota CBS.

Investigators say that Engler died of from head trauma and was later pronounced dead at the scene reported KARE 11.

According to Minnesota CBS, Engler went out to the track with all of his protective gear on, including his helmet, to fun the coarse a few time. Other kids in his neighborhood saw him and ran to grab their shoe so they could watch. By the time they returned Engler was on the ground motionless.

Englers father, an Oak Grove fire fighter, was the first to arrive on the scene reported KARE 11. He tried every means to save his son, but to no arrest.

According to Minnesota CBS, Engler would have turned 10-years-old in a month.

Are Wolves Becoming the Hunted?

Minnesota bill would set up a wolf hunting season in November this coming right after wolves being removed from the endangered species list.

The bill is being pushed in order to protect live stock and other attacks from roaming wolves reported KARE 11.

In the 1990's the Department of Natural Resources held a conference to discuses the issue of the grey wolf and decided that if and when the grey wolf got off the endangered list there would be a five year hold on hunting them reported KARE 11.

During a special session this year the Legislature they removed the five year hold on hunting reported Minnesota Public Radio.

According to KARE 11, some of the American Indian society believe that they are spiritually connected to these wolves and the hunting of the wolves that aren't harming livestock or disturbing the peace. The Indians believe that if wolves are hunted it would mirror in their on lives, turning up in things like their economy, farming and way of life.

According to Minnesota Public Radio, hunters and farmers are pushing to pass the bill, but a fight between two state senators has recently halted the bill.

U.N. Plans to Send 300 More Monitors to Syria

The U.N. votes to send more monitors to Syria in hopes to help the recent cease fire.

The U.N. security supported a legal binding resolution, calling for peace and deployed of more monitors reported USA Today.

Along with the deployment on more monitors to Syria the U.N. called for an end to the violence and demanded compliance with Kofi Annan's 6-point plan reported CNN International.

According to USA Today, while the U.N. was talking peace in New York, the cease fire in Syria was broken in the Syrian city of Homs. Syrian troops shelled neighborhoods and rebel fighters fired rocket propelled grenades, both causing more damaged to the war stricken city.

This is the first time since the Syrian conflict that the U.N. has united behind a resolution to the war in Syria reported USA Today.

Search Continues 33 Years Later

After 33 years the search for a lost child starts up again when cadaver dogs pick up a sent in a building near where he disappeared.

The FBI and the New York Police Department began to dig up the basement of a building down the street from where Etan Patz's lived reported USA Today.

According to ABC News Etan Patz was 6-years-old when he was last seen a few blocks away from his home.

Authorizes continue to remove cement chunks from the basement floor of the 127 Prince St. in the SoHo that was used by a neighborhood handy-man, Othneil Miller, reported USA Today. Miller was not and is not considered a suspect in the disappearance of Patz.

According to ABC News, no evidence has been found in Patz's missing child case. FBI and NYPD predict that it will take five days to finish up digging the cement floor.

Feathered Predator?

The largest feathered animal, living or extinct, unearth in China is a dinosaur.

The dinosaur is a smaller and furrier cousin of the Tyrannosaurs Rex family reported Discovery News. They are the largest feathered dinosaur found and are said to be 40 times the weight of the second larges feathered dinosaur.

There have been three specimens found in good preserved condition with their feathers still around them reported The New York Times.The specimens are roughly 125-million-years-old.

Scientist think that these dinosaurs had more fuzzy feathers like baby birds instead of having actual plums of feathers. They also think that the feathers were used for insulation and show reported Discovery News.

According to The New York Times, the discovery of these specimens give insight as to the evolution of feathers.

They topic as to what specifically the feathers were used for other then insulation is still being debated along with the idea of other dinosaurs also having some feathers reported The New York Times.

This new species is called Yutyrannus huali, which translated means "beautiful featherd tryant" reported The New York Times.

To Be or Not To Be...

The World Shakespeare Festival kicks off in Britain with over 30 theaters hosting 70 Shakespeare productions from companies based all over the world.

From June until September, running before, during and after the London Summer Olympic Games, Britain is hosting the London 2012 Festival reported The New York Times.

These productions of Shakespearian works range from 23 new productions to 21 productions that were made specifically for the festival its self reported Travel-News.

According to The New York Times, the productions aren't just limited to the theater, the festival also includes music, art, sculpture, film among others. The plan is to have an arts showcase that would rival the sports showcase that is the Olympics.

Events to look forward to include the reconstructed Shakespeare Globe Theaters production of 37 of Shakespeare's plays in 37 different languages reported Travel-News.

The festival doesn't come with a cheap price even after the recent government cut backs in the arts reported The New York Times.

According to The Guardian, the festival is said to cost more then $154 million.

Master Watson...

Large pine trees standing in a row, or what golfers like to call "Jail" didn't stop the Master.

Sunday evening, Bubba Watson from Bagdad Florida shot through the line of pines, and eventually went on to win the 76th Masters Golf tournament at Augusta National Golf Club in August Georgia reported The Washington Post.

Watson beat out Louis Oosthuizen from South Africa on Easter Sunday on the second play off hole after he had landed in the woods far from the hole reported the New York Daily News.

According to The Washington Post, Oosthuizen got to the playoffs by his own miraculous swings, a double eagle two on a par five in the second hole.

Watson and Oosthuizen finished one point apart, Watson with 68 and Oosthuizen with a 69 reported the New York Daily News.

Watson told the New York Daily News that he hit the crazy shot he had pictured in his head and now he's wearing the green jacket of a Master.

According to The Washington Post, Watson immediately started to sob after sinking the par, and looks forward to teaching his son to see a chance in something that others think as hopeless.

Gay Marriage Supporters Gather in Saint Paul

Hundreds of gay Minnesotans, and gay marriage supporters gathered in front of the Capitol during the yearly Equality Rally.

According to KARE 11 each year hundreds gather outside of the capitol Thursday to listen to speeches and songs about love and civil rights.

This years rally was very important due to the upcoming vote in November on the constitutional amendment that would potentially ban gay marriage in Minnesota reported the Star Tribune.

Governor Mark Dayton even joined the rally and told the crowd that he had a dream that voters defeated the amendment reported KARE 11.

Two groups at the center of the argument, Just Vote No and OutFront Minnesota, both spent Thursday morning learning techniques and lobbying against the amendment reported the Star Tribune.

According to the Star Tribune both sides of the amendment are increasing the money put toward their campaign greatly and advertising to sway Minnesotan voters before November.

The Just Vote No organization have started a door-to-door campaign in hopes to increase their support reported Star Tribune.

In June the annual Twins Cities Pride Festival will be a major rallying point for those to are against the amendment reported the Star Tribune.

Trayvon Hooded Sweatshirt Rally

A rally of thousands of hooded people gathered on the University of Minnesota campus to protest the shooting of an unarmed African America teenager.

Trayvon Martin, 17, was shot and killed by George Zimmerman because Zimmerman though Martin looked "suspicious" while walking down the street with his hood up on the night of February 29, reported the Minnesota Daily.

Minneapolis police told the Star Tribune that the rally on Thursday night had about 5,500 people dressed in sweatshirts.

According to the Minnesota Daily the police worked with the rally organizer, Jenny Belsito, to make sure that everything would go smoothly and safely. Many protestors carried signs and photos of Martin.

Among the many speakers were Brother Ali, a Minneapolis rapper. Ali told the Star Tribune that he has a privilege to wear a hoodie while others don't.

Belsito started the group rally over Facebook and thought that it would be just be 30 of her friends, but was surprised to see over 5,000 people show up reported the Minnesota Daily.

According to the Star Tribune, this rally was part of an online campaign called "A Million Hoodies for Trayvon Martin".