Leonardo da Vinci's lost Mural Finally Found?

Researchers believe that they have found da Vinci's lost mural,"The Battle of Anghiari", hidden behind a wall in Florence's city hall.

In 1502 the Italian statesman Piero Soderini requested Leanardo da Vinci to paint a piece dedicated to the Italian Knights defeating the Milanese forces in 1440 on a wall of the capital reported National Geographic. Da Vinci was known for not being fond of war and, is said to have eventually given up the mural after a failed attempt at a new technique reported MSNBC.

According to National Geographic, a painter by the name of Giorgio Vasari was hired to redo the city hall in the 1550's and it is said that he could not bring himself to paint over da Vinic's mural. Vasari instead build a fake wall in front of da Vinic's mural.

Maurizio Seracini, a National Geographic Society member and an art diagnostician at the University of California, San Diego, was the first to suspect that the painting was behind Vasari's, when he found the saying "seek and you shall find" inscribed on a flag within his painting reported BBC and National Geographic.

In an effort to avoid harming the original Vasari painting that is located in front of the thought-to-be da Vinic mural, researchers were allowed to drill tiny holes through cracks or recently restored pieces of the painting reported National Geographic. They used a micro endoscopic probes and other high tech devises to examine behind the painting and discovered black pigment and red flakes of what they believe is paint reported MSNBC.

This data is still inconclusive without further research into the suspected da Vinic mural. Research has been halted for now due to outcry by the public and government officials reported National Geographic.

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