Are Wolves Becoming the Hunted?

Minnesota bill would set up a wolf hunting season in November this coming right after wolves being removed from the endangered species list.

The bill is being pushed in order to protect live stock and other attacks from roaming wolves reported KARE 11.

In the 1990's the Department of Natural Resources held a conference to discuses the issue of the grey wolf and decided that if and when the grey wolf got off the endangered list there would be a five year hold on hunting them reported KARE 11.

During a special session this year the Legislature they removed the five year hold on hunting reported Minnesota Public Radio.

According to KARE 11, some of the American Indian society believe that they are spiritually connected to these wolves and the hunting of the wolves that aren't harming livestock or disturbing the peace. The Indians believe that if wolves are hunted it would mirror in their on lives, turning up in things like their economy, farming and way of life.

According to Minnesota Public Radio, hunters and farmers are pushing to pass the bill, but a fight between two state senators has recently halted the bill.

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