Dirt Biking Ride Takes a Tragic Turn

An Oak Grove boy dies after an accident on his dirt bike while riding in his local motor cross track.

Nicholas Engler, a 9-year-old Oak Grove boy dies after a falling off his dirt bike reported Minnesota CBS.

Investigators say that Engler died of from head trauma and was later pronounced dead at the scene reported KARE 11.

According to Minnesota CBS, Engler went out to the track with all of his protective gear on, including his helmet, to fun the coarse a few time. Other kids in his neighborhood saw him and ran to grab their shoe so they could watch. By the time they returned Engler was on the ground motionless.

Englers father, an Oak Grove fire fighter, was the first to arrive on the scene reported KARE 11. He tried every means to save his son, but to no arrest.

According to Minnesota CBS, Engler would have turned 10-years-old in a month.

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