Feathered Predator?

The largest feathered animal, living or extinct, unearth in China is a dinosaur.

The dinosaur is a smaller and furrier cousin of the Tyrannosaurs Rex family reported Discovery News. They are the largest feathered dinosaur found and are said to be 40 times the weight of the second larges feathered dinosaur.

There have been three specimens found in good preserved condition with their feathers still around them reported The New York Times.The specimens are roughly 125-million-years-old.

Scientist think that these dinosaurs had more fuzzy feathers like baby birds instead of having actual plums of feathers. They also think that the feathers were used for insulation and show reported Discovery News.

According to The New York Times, the discovery of these specimens give insight as to the evolution of feathers.

They topic as to what specifically the feathers were used for other then insulation is still being debated along with the idea of other dinosaurs also having some feathers reported The New York Times.

This new species is called Yutyrannus huali, which translated means "beautiful featherd tryant" reported The New York Times.

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