Gay Marriage Supporters Gather in Saint Paul

Hundreds of gay Minnesotans, and gay marriage supporters gathered in front of the Capitol during the yearly Equality Rally.

According to KARE 11 each year hundreds gather outside of the capitol Thursday to listen to speeches and songs about love and civil rights.

This years rally was very important due to the upcoming vote in November on the constitutional amendment that would potentially ban gay marriage in Minnesota reported the Star Tribune.

Governor Mark Dayton even joined the rally and told the crowd that he had a dream that voters defeated the amendment reported KARE 11.

Two groups at the center of the argument, Just Vote No and OutFront Minnesota, both spent Thursday morning learning techniques and lobbying against the amendment reported the Star Tribune.

According to the Star Tribune both sides of the amendment are increasing the money put toward their campaign greatly and advertising to sway Minnesotan voters before November.

The Just Vote No organization have started a door-to-door campaign in hopes to increase their support reported Star Tribune.

In June the annual Twins Cities Pride Festival will be a major rallying point for those to are against the amendment reported the Star Tribune.

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