Master Watson...

Large pine trees standing in a row, or what golfers like to call "Jail" didn't stop the Master.

Sunday evening, Bubba Watson from Bagdad Florida shot through the line of pines, and eventually went on to win the 76th Masters Golf tournament at Augusta National Golf Club in August Georgia reported The Washington Post.

Watson beat out Louis Oosthuizen from South Africa on Easter Sunday on the second play off hole after he had landed in the woods far from the hole reported the New York Daily News.

According to The Washington Post, Oosthuizen got to the playoffs by his own miraculous swings, a double eagle two on a par five in the second hole.

Watson and Oosthuizen finished one point apart, Watson with 68 and Oosthuizen with a 69 reported the New York Daily News.

Watson told the New York Daily News that he hit the crazy shot he had pictured in his head and now he's wearing the green jacket of a Master.

According to The Washington Post, Watson immediately started to sob after sinking the par, and looks forward to teaching his son to see a chance in something that others think as hopeless.

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