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Search Continues 33 Years Later

After 33 years the search for a lost child starts up again when cadaver dogs pick up a sent in a building near where he disappeared.

The FBI and the New York Police Department began to dig up the basement of a building down the street from where Etan Patz's lived reported USA Today.

According to ABC News Etan Patz was 6-years-old when he was last seen a few blocks away from his home.

Authorizes continue to remove cement chunks from the basement floor of the 127 Prince St. in the SoHo that was used by a neighborhood handy-man, Othneil Miller, reported USA Today. Miller was not and is not considered a suspect in the disappearance of Patz.

According to ABC News, no evidence has been found in Patz's missing child case. FBI and NYPD predict that it will take five days to finish up digging the cement floor.

Master Watson...

Large pine trees standing in a row, or what golfers like to call "Jail" didn't stop the Master.

Sunday evening, Bubba Watson from Bagdad Florida shot through the line of pines, and eventually went on to win the 76th Masters Golf tournament at Augusta National Golf Club in August Georgia reported The Washington Post.

Watson beat out Louis Oosthuizen from South Africa on Easter Sunday on the second play off hole after he had landed in the woods far from the hole reported the New York Daily News.

According to The Washington Post, Oosthuizen got to the playoffs by his own miraculous swings, a double eagle two on a par five in the second hole.

Watson and Oosthuizen finished one point apart, Watson with 68 and Oosthuizen with a 69 reported the New York Daily News.

Watson told the New York Daily News that he hit the crazy shot he had pictured in his head and now he's wearing the green jacket of a Master.

According to The Washington Post, Watson immediately started to sob after sinking the par, and looks forward to teaching his son to see a chance in something that others think as hopeless.

Colonel James B. Morehead a retired WWII veteran, who stalked enemy planes like animals of prey, died at 95 from stroke complications.

Morehead led eight P-40 Warhawks on April 25, 1942 on an attack of Japanese bombers and fighters, over Darwin, Australia. He shot down three Japanese planes and the rest of his squad shot down eight more before he ordered the return back to base reported The New York Times.

On D-day Morehead shot down his eight and final plane in WWII, a German Messerschmitt, over Romania reported The New York Times.

According to The Washington Post, Morehead was awarded twice with the Distinguished Service Cross, which is one step below the Medal of Honor, along with other medals for his many victories and bravery in the air.

Morehead was born in Paoli, Okla., on Aug. 16, 1916 and raised in Washington, Okla. His father owned a small farm and the general store in town reported The New York Times. Growing up in the middle of the Great Depression Morehead learned to hunt for his families food.

Morehead move to California, where he joined the Army Air Corps in 1940. His crazy stunts while in the cockpit, including flighing from Novato, Calif. to Sacramento upside down, earned him the nickname "wildman" reported The New York Times.

After retiring for his desk job at the Pentagon in 1967, Morehead continued to stalk his prey, in big-game-hunting. According to The Washington Post, he displayed his many big-game trophies around his home, like the hippo skull that he kept in his front yard.

Morehead left behind two daughters from his second marriage and two grandchildren reported The New York Times.

Rick Santorum's Targets Obama in his Speech to AIPAC

GOP candidate Rick Santorum was greeted by applause and music as he took the stage at the conference for American Israel Public Affairs Committee on Tuesday, March 6.

Within the first five minutes of his speech, Santorum accuses Obama of "turning his back" on Israel's immediate danger from Iraq and it's manufacturing of nuclear weapons.

Being a former congressmen, Santorum is well educated in Middle Eastern issues reported CBS news. He believes that Obama and his administrators have taken a relaxed outlook on the Isreal-Iraq conflict.

Even though Obama's administration assures that there is no differences between their commitment to stop the production of nuclear weapons from being built in Iraq and the GOP candidates positions, Santorum still managed to find some holes, The New York Times reported.

Santorum continues, touching on how the administration has allowed talks to come about with the Iranian government that conflicts with the "UN's resolutions, that say they must stop the production of their nuclear fuel, before they are allowed to get those negotiations."

He goes on, suggesting that the administration give the Iranian government an 'ultimatum' to stop all production of nuclear weapons and let United States and other country officials survey their nuclear facilities otherwise the United States would stop them by force reported The New York Times.

Santorum made it very clear that negotiations are not needed, and that its time to take action.

"Another appeasement, another delay, another opportunity for them to go forward, while we talk," Santurom said.

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