2013-10-26 17.30.41.jpgC is for Cookie...and That's Good Enough for Me!

Today we received an assignment to innovate the cookie. That's just the way the cookie crumbles.

I spent the late afternoon and evening at work and a meeting, occasionally consulting with friends or the Hive Mind about my task. Here are some of the current ideas from my Shnazzy new Design Notebook:
-Cookie perfume. You still ingest it.
-Berger cookies
-spicy, siracha, pepperjack
-I need a base recipe
-chocolate chip fortune cookie!

My base recipe now will be flour, sugar, egg, butter or coconut oil, toasted pecans, dried cranberries, cheddar or parmasean, and smoked paprika. Just a bit of the last one.

Hopefully saturday eve I'll make this and take pics.

I asked FB:
These are SOME of the best responses.

JL butterscotch, caramel combination... maybe??? with some white chocolate.

PR White chocolate and jalapeno. macadamia?

JL Ohhh... how about a dairy free, gluten free, chocolate cookie?

MA Gluten free chocolate mint Milano melts. Just call them "happinesses" and send them to me for, uh... "distribution."

DE peanut butter apple raisin...and make em triangles

MB A cookie inside another cookie, one salty one sweet!

MG Play with nutrition values, tastes, textures, size, shape, or design . Why is my homework about analyzing articles and not reinventing cookies?!

JR Agreed... I'm in my second year of grad school, and I've never gotten to do anything cool like that.... Try a Salty/Sweet combo...

HSR I make a kick ass rosemary cooking sandwiching sweet/spicy tomato jam. Yumlicous!

MA COOKIE LEGOS. Play with your food.

MA 50/50. Put chocolate chip cookies and raisin cookies in the same package without labeling which are which. CHAOS.

IF make it with a hole in the center...label it "reduced calorie"

HSR Crunchy cookie on the outside, chewy cookie dough on the inside. YUM!

MA Mobius cookie.

EB I like the suggestions where the cookie changes shape or primary use, flavor is not innovation. The Legos idea has merit.

SR Everlasting gobstopper cookie. You can eat it and eat it and it never runs out.

SR(What class IS this?!)

JM A cookie with the texture of a brownie? A cookie with ice cream or custard inside? Square cookie? Deep fried cookie? Pre-soaked with milk? Can be eaten with no teeth (think babies or elderly)?

JJ: Practice makes perfect. Bake, eat, repeat.


Remember, the assignment:

"innovate a new cookie creative in flavor, form, texture, cooking process, presentation and/or etc"

My base recipe now was flour, brown sugar, eggs, butter, vanilla, and baking powder.

I rejected coconut oil, toasted pecans, and dried cranberries.

I tried a few iterations, with plain, paprika, cheese, dates, dates and cheese, dates and paprika, cheese and paprika, and all of them. So these were incremental.

For an alternatives, just for the heck of it I made the base recipe, with balsamic vinegar, and dark chocolate chips.

I tested these with my roommate, who also helped me with the whole process, and Jeff, my neighbor.

The final recipe was:
Flour-1.5 cups, brown sugar-1/3 cup, 1 egg, .5 stick of butter, .5 tsp vanilla, .25 tbsp baking powder, 1/16 lb dates, .25 tsp smoked paprika, and 1/16 lb mixed mozzarella and munster cheeses.

This was fun, and I look forwards to seeing what the class creates!


Hi Adam,

You provided a candid description of your thought-process which was both entertaining and a bit disorganized. I think it would have been helpful to see some of the images/ideas you drew in your design notebook to understand your ideation better. I thought it was clever to consult your friends on Facebook, but the formatting of the responses were a bit scattered and hard to follow. Perhaps adding some headlines, bold/larger words, and more spaces between sections would create a more visually appealing layout. The photo you added is too large so it gets cut off in the frame. Next time, try uploading the photo by clicking "Use thumbnail" and setting it at 500 pixels. It would have also been beneficial to see more photos from your process of making the cookies. I was also confused on how you decided on your final recipe and how you thought it turned out. I could tell that you thought about the assignment for the entire week that you had to do it and I'm glad that you had fun!

I appreciate the way you utilized the internet and documented your thoughts on different days while participating in this activity. I would scale down the photo and take more photos that show your process in steps. Because the image was so large, it was hard to see the finished product. It was nice that you did some incremental changes in process, but presenting them visually would have made the overall blog post stronger for the viewer to see what exactly it was that you did. I think a little more reflection on the process and what exactly you were thinking in your incremental changes would have also made this assignment more compelling. I applaud your efforts in working with savory and sweet materials to see how they could come together!

Hi Adam,

I enjoyed reading your blog because it felt like I was directly hearing your thoughts which you have thoroughly typed. I think you did a good job innovating a cookie because you went through a large number of ideas before settling on one. The blog could be improved by adding pictures throughout the text. I think it was beneficial to include the Facebook comments you collected. It added humor and showed that you explored an alternative ideation process. A screen shot of the comments might be a good visual to break up the text a bit. I would have liked to read more about your final cookie, why you chose that one, and your thought process behind it. Overall, I think you did a great job and your cookie turned out great due to your thorough ideation process!

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