The cookies were a success. Well, at least I can say eating everyone's else's cookies was fun. Today really was a good day, in my morning class I learned I did quite well on my statistics midterm, during class we ate cookies, learned about humor, and played improv games, and after class I got to swing dance with some of my classmates! So, really, a good day.

The second assignment has 3 parts:

Play-get in a playful mood, by a board game, watching improv, something to bring out fun and funniness.

Make a fun colorful mind map, on the topic of "winter". I need some subcategories, and to branch out to sub themes.

10 silly ideas with drawings. These are my sub themes, I need 10 individual photos here, each with a title, 500px, 72 dpi, and landscape orientation. I presume eventually I will know what these mean.

I plan on watching improv everywhere for number 1. For 2 and 3, perhaps looking at winter biking, with milk carton handlebars and ski goggles. For 3, I already have candy cane ski poles.

Right now I am eating leftover cookies. :^)

I just left a Hebrew Cafe where people sat around a coffee shop practicing Hebrew. I had my design notebook with me, and decided to do part of my HW in Hebrew.

hebrew mind map.jpg
"Hebrew Mind Map"

I know none of you can tell if this is upside down or not.

Anyways, I should do thing in English as well, although we were not constrained by language. I did assignment one by telling puns with a friend in Florida and watching Improv Everywhere:
The Ice Skating one fits there winter theme.

I made an English mind map, and oh wait! It has to be colorful. But, as I am not a designy person, like most in this class, I do not have colorful pens. But, as I have a hobby of sending watercolored envelopes to friends, I decided to watercolor my map.
watercolored envs.jpg
"Watercolor'd Envelopes"

This was my map:
eng mind map.jpg
"English Mind Map"

Please note the third grade style watercolors.

My sub-themes were:

1. Sports
2. Snow-related fun
3. Clothing
4. Diseases
5. Biking

During class today (11-5-13) I learned that all of our sub-themes were too general. So, my new ones are:

1. Winter face protection
2. Winter disease prevention
3. Winter biking

You will have to check out my third post to see which gets picked!

Back to our regularly scheduled programming:

Now for the ideas!
Candy cane ski.jpg
"Candy Cane Ski Pole"

This is a normal ski pole, which looks like a candy cane.

monster goggles.jpg
"Monster Goggles"

These are ski goggles, with bright fake fur around them for warmth and aesthetics.

studded tire .jpg
"Studded Tire"

This is a studded tire. It is special because the rubber and spike colors are pickable. For example, at UMN the tire would be Maroon and the spikes Gold.

snow 2 scooper.jpg
"Snow 2 Scooper"

This lets you scoop and fling 2 snowballs at once.

arm light.jpg
"Arm Light"

This lets you strap a flashlight on the outside of your sleeve.

spiky pedal.jpg
"Spiky Pedal"

These winter pedals have extra long spikes for boot traction.

insulated bladder.jpg
"Insulated Bladder"

This insulated back bladder and tube allows for hot drinks, such as coca or coffee to be sipped while moving.

salt slingshot.jpg
"Salt Slingshot"

When aimed upwards, the salt placed in the special pouch will fall in an even dispersal pattern.

hot pedals.jpg
"Hot Pedals"

The friction from turning the pedals will keep them defrosted.

scooper pedals.jpg
"Scooper Pedals"

These clip on to bike pedals allowing snowballs to be automatically dipped and shot forwards.

reflective strips.jpg
"Reflective Strips"

These are adjustable reflective cloth strips to be worn over a coat. Like a reflective vest, without the vest.

nose cheek warmers.jpg
"Nose/Cheek Warmers"

Noses are often left uncovered. This fixes that cold problem. Perhaps the nose cover will look like a beak?

I'm quite curious to see what our next design project will be!


Hi Adam,

I like how candid you are with your blogging. Your approach of mind mapping in your mother tongue (I presume?),and then moving onto English was interesting. I notice that you have kept your sketches simple and have articulated them well. Some of your ideas are very creative!

I would've liked to see more clarity and exhaustiveness in your mind map. Also, I suggest you try using a design notebook with unruled blank pages. That way, your ideas are likely to stand out better (ruled lines are slightly distracting to the eyes, especially when you are presenting images).



Love the blog! It's quite the fun read. I liked that you did a mind map in a different language initially, this might be a great way to overcome writers block in the future by getting you to think in a different way. Your english mind map looks fairly thorough, although I'm having a hard time reading it because everything is backwards! Next time make sure you format your images before posting.

I liked your ideas but would have liked to see a lot more goofy ones (like your snowball throwing bike). This will help get your creative juices flowing and may lead to even better ideas!



I liked how thorough you were in the general flow! I could follow your train of thought very well. I especially appreciate your Hebrew mind map - very interesting!

The only big concern I had was that you did not put idea headings into the actual drawings themselves. I did however like your 'arm light'. This could actually be a product for runners or athletes at night!

Great job!

Hi Adam,

Your thought process throughout the entire week after the assignment is revealed is always evident. How interesting that you made a mind map in Hebrew that is unique to you, but I’m glad you included one in English as well. Obviously, it’s evident that the mind map is flipped vertically, and impossible to read backwards so I cannot comment on any of the associations you made. Did you take the picture using your laptop? The webcam often mirrors the image and is not a good idea when text is involved. Watercolors were a unique addition, but it would have been more successful to see illustrations included in the mind map. The images of your sketches all appear to be taken with a webcam as well with poor lighting, cropping, and quality. A scanner would be the best option for the future, but if you don’t have access to one or a camera, do you have an iPhone or a smartphone? They usually take relatively high-quality images and would give you a better image to work with and then edit. If you sketched on pages without lines, or were able to eliminate the lines through Photoshop and product clean, sharp, contrasted images, it would be much more visually-pleasing. Also, be sure to include titles on your sketches for next time so the image can stand on its own and the viewer can know what is going on in it. I’m curious as to what your three subthemes are as well. I always appreciate your excitement for the assignments!

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