We were told to revise our problem statements. As a recap, mine are below:

The intrepid winter wanderer needs a way to keep his/her face warm because otherwise it will get damaged.
Rationale: Curt saying without a cover your nose will freeze.

We need a way to stay warm while still being able to talk on the phone because these days people demand both.
Rationale: Jeff is worried about this.

I changed mine to "how might we" questions, and added a third question as well. Here are my three questions:

"How might Jeff wear a face mask while still talking on his phone?"

"How might Tammy prevent her glasses from fogging up while wearing a face mask?"

"How might Zach prevent a mess from nose output from building up in his face mask?"

The group:

Tammy headshot.JPG

Tammy is a biologist who normally lives in Arizona.

Riley Headshot.JPG

Riley is an endodontist (a specialized kind of dentist) from Canada/Ireland.

I know this picture is of the incorrect orientation but I am unable to fix it.

Danielle headshot.JPG

Danielle is an electrical engineering student from Israel.

Thumbnail image for Jeff Levine.jpg

Jeff is a lawyer from Michigan specializing in sports law.

Everyone was told of the general idea of our brainstorming session and came to the meeting with ideas.

hot tub.JPG
"Hot Tub"

Riley offered the use of his hot tub to relax everyone.

I know this picture is also of the incorrect orientation but I am unable to fix it.


We then had a snack.

nourishment 2.JPG
"Nourishment 2"


Improv game time! I was just in Chicago last week for my brothers wedding. I brought back lots of little bubbles. We tried doing the most startling things possible with bubbles.


bubbles 2.JPG
"More Bubbles"

I brought props so we could envision the problem better and try acting out the scenario.

cell phone mask.JPG
"Cell Phone Mask"

This should be the last picture with a format problem. Again, I was unable to figure out how to fix it.

glasses mask.JPG
"Glasses Mask"

sneeze mask.JPG
"Sneeze Mask"

After I read the problem statement/how can we statement, we all sat for a few minutes and generated ideas by ourselves. Following each idea generation, each person read their idea aloud so others would know what was thought of. Next, everyone commented on all of the first ideas, trying to spin off new ideas. After each person reflected we voted on the best ideas of each category (titled unimaginatively "Glasses", "Snot", and "Phone" and ranked the top few. The IPM was low, around .4.

Sorted Ideas.JPG
"Sorted Ideas"

The ideas were sorted and ranked at the end.

The first category was cell phone use:

velcro mouth phone.jpg
"Velcro Mouth Phone"

Having a velcro mouth flap.

phone pocket.jpg
"Phone Pocket"

Having a pocket in the mask in which for your phone to slide.

bluetooth mask.jpg

A small pocket for a bluetooth headset.

throat mike.jpg
"Throat Mike"

A throat mike which attaches to the bottom of the mask.

velcro ear phone.jpg
"Velcro Ear Patch"

An ear flap attached by velcro.

Constraints that were brought up included condensation on the technology and ease of cleaning the mask.

The second category was eyewear fogging up:

Air chanels.jpg
"Air Chanels"

A mask with air exiting a different place than traditional.

mouth vents.jpg
"Mouth Vents"

A mask with mouth vents.

metal nose shaper.jpg
"Metal Nose Shaper"

Riley suggested some features from some surgical masks. The first one has a bendable metal piece on top so no air goes up.

Dental mask 2.JPG
"Dental Mask 2"

felt mask.jpg
"Felt Mask"

This mask has a band of felt on top so air and heat will be trapped.

Dental mask 1.JPG
"Dental Mask 1"

lens coating.jpg
"Lens Coating"

Tammy, who dives, suggested applying a scuba anti-fog coating to the lenses.

Constraints that were brought up included worries of makeup being ruined.

For fun, the third category was sneezing in the mask:

No pictures, but the top idea was a "Darth Vader" flap covering the nose and mouth.

Several flap fasteners were discussed in general. Top ideas for fasteners were magnets and silicon on silicon.

Other ideas generated were:

Costume Masks

Your face on a mask (potential Uncanny Valley problems)

Hair considerations (where should it fasten?)

Makeup considerations

A Mask connecting to earmuffs, hooking over ears

Different colors to coordinate with coat or accessories

Sport team masks

A soft inside-not neoprene.

On to the next step!


I thought that your documentation of your process was really good. The pictures helped a lot, though without explanation of the hot tub one I would have had no idea what it was about. As for ipm I also noticed that when I did my session it was really pretty low, I am curious why that is. Perhaps because they aren't creatives and used to thinking more linear? Also I noticed the ideas were very similar to one another, I am curious to know if perhaps you could have pushed them to think of more abstract ideas. Like given them the rolestorming prompt, in my session that seemed to kick start some ideas. Overall the documentation was great and the ideas proved to be pretty useful.

The documentation was good and your process seemed to make it fun. Your "how might we" statements restrict the possibilities including face-mask in all of them. An alternative way to say them would be...

"How might Jeff wear a face mask while still talking on his phone?"
How might Jeff keep his face warm while talking on the phone?

"How might Tammy prevent her glasses from fogging up while wearing a face mask?"
How might Tammy prevent her glasses from fogging up caused by her breathing or fast change in temperature?

"How might Zach prevent a mess from nose output from building up in his face mask?"
How might Zach prevent a mucus from getting on his winter attire?

Idea pictures were a bit dark and could be more crisp. It is hard to make out some. Better quality pictures would allow for your ideas to be more understandable.

how did you vote? How long did you go for? By having the 3rd prompt do you feel you restricted the possible creativity the other prompts might have reached had you spent time on those? Why didn't you have people draw out their ideas instead of writing them?



I believe I got mixed up last week and commented on the wrong blog, so you get me again this week.
As was the case last week, I found your blog comical, in a good way. I like the light hearted tone and I believe that helped you in creating fun ideas for this last assignment. I noticed that one for sure, possibly two pictures are upside down. I realize that a few people have had troubles with orientation so I understand. I really enjoyed seeing grown up people playing with bubbles. The combination of sketches with pictures of already existing models was helpful is keeping the blog from getting stagnant. There were a few pictures that seemed a bit cloudy. Perhaps drawing them larger so that they did not have to be so blown up would help with that problem.
I like that you also added a third category for fun. a little extra practice always helps.

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