This week's blog is on idea selection and pitch.

I need to create a Pugh chart to compare my concepts.

My evaluative criteria are:
A. Environmental impact?
B. Can I realistically do it?
C. How unique is the idea?
D. Are there good market opportunities?
E. How big is the impact of this idea?
F. Does the idea have competitive advantages?

My ideas are:
1. A Facemask with vents over the fabric covering your mouth so you can breathe easily
and still stay warm.
2. A Facemask with a metal nose form and felt strip under the eyes so no hot air would go up and fog glasses.
3. A Facemask with Earmuffs.
4. A Facemask with a velcro mouth flap so you can eat, sneeze, or talk on the phone.
5. A Facemask with Colors, perhaps matching your school or favorite sports team.

Idea 1 (vents over the mouth) will be my benchmark.

-- 1 2 3 4 5
A S - S S S


C S + + + +

D S S S S +

E S S S S +

F S S S S +

The chart shows a great deal of similarity, presumably because these are ideations of the same theme. So, I want to combine this into a Facemask with a formed nose, earmuffs and a vented mouth flap.

This is the Facewarmer!

final sketch.jpg

My "elevator pitch" video:




You did a nice job of being thorough and covering all the expected points. "Despite that merino wool did not rank too high in my poll, I still want to use it in my masks. However, it is quite expensive, so I will stick with wool at $1.67 per pound." I think this was a good decision. Sometimes there's things that I really want to incorporate into a product/project, but based on feedback, it's not what people actually want. Sometimes that's the hardest part with a project!

I think that you did a nice job with your practice pitch. You covered many of the points that were listed on the Power Point for us to incorporate. You were clear and to the point and explained your product well. I think that the best part was when you explained what your product did and how it works. This really helped me get a sense of why you created this product in the first place and why it should be important. Just a side note on your product, I really like the idea of keeping the steam away from glasses, I never would have thought of that.

I think that one aesthetic thing you could possibly work on would be to try to not move your head back and forth as much. It looks a little forced for this video, when you are recording yourself. Also, it might be better to use someone to record who isn't going to laugh at you just so that you can be more focused while you're practicing! Overall, good job!

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