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October 7, 2008

Wrap Up

This was an adventure in technology. Pretty much everything was new to me. I did like setting up the web conference the best. Since I am not an Extension Educator, the thing I am most likely to use at work is the UChat which I intend to get set up. I will need to get my co-workers to get set up as well so we can use that instead of our "one liner" e-mails back and forth. Now that I have been introduced to so many new things, I need to find the time to go back and delve into things a little deeper and use them. That is the issue...time.....finding time to do one more thing on the computer, like blogging, etc. I know that for some things it will take time to get set up and then should help make us more efficient. If another course is offered I would take it. Thanks to Amy for setting this up for us.

October 6, 2008

UM Connect Web Conferencing

It was really easy to go in and set up a web conference. Obviously it would take a little more if I was really inviting people and had to coordinate the telephone conference as well, but it is really slick. I could see using this for team meetings at the very least. We could upload the agenda and various reports that we would typically get in hard copy at a face to face meeting. We do conference calls but this would be a little more interactive. I didn't do a lot of experimenting but would this allow people to all look at a document and edit it while everyone has it on the screen. I saw a demonstration of WebEx at a church event and people could do that and also "write" with their cursors in different colors. Each person would have a different color. I know that the EE's in Food Science participate in "webinars" on subject matter like Listeria bacteria sponsored by some Food Science Department or Health Department in the country. They also have a journal hour which has been a confernce call. The journal article and sometime power points are e-mailed out and they each look at their own screen. This might be a better way to do it. For some kinds of basic food safety training they might use this with an audience from the food service industry. It is very cool.