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Have recently been in touch with Julie Bodurtha, the External Relations Coordinator at UMore Park! She will be speaking with authorities of the park as well as some fellow colleagues to hopefully grant me access to the property in the coming week. Unfortunately, it sounds like there are many restrictions for public access as development is slow-going in its current stage. If nothing else, I proposed visiting the borders of the site to record some audio for later comparison post-further development? Perhaps not an ideal scenario, though it could be interesting to compare the North side of the property, the busier, populated area of Rosemount against the South side of Vermillion Highlands which, through my understanding of the space, I would assume would be much more peaceful. Nonetheless, photos and video with sound recording should be coming soon! I look forward to documenting what I have been busy researching. I expect this experience should bring more vivid color to the readings I've been dabbling in to better understand the experience of the natural space being transformed (Walden, by Thoreau & One Square Inch of Silence by Gordon Hempton).

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