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My Home Town

In an effort to explore the concepts of frameworks, clockworks and phenomena I'm going to take a look at my home town and more specifically the Mayo Clinic which really represents the center of the city and the hub of activity.

The Mayo Clinic fits within many frameworks: healthcare instutions, academic centers, large corporations, non-profit organizations among others. It is an important player in research and an integral part of the health care system within the United States.gonda.jpg

As for clockworks I think a health care center is especially interesting in this respect. People go there throughout their lifetime, some are born there, and some die there; so the entire life cycle is represented by the institution. People also go through disease process there, so the disease stages people endure is also a type of clockwork. A big part of the Clinic is research and education, so one could see the clock work of the educational and research processes.

Phenomena can be seen in the disease processes and the development of new medications.

The Mayo Clinic has really shaped my life. Both of my parents worked there and I enjoyed spending time there as a child. It is interesting that I loved the place that so many went to when they were sick. I was fascinated by the underground tunnels, the secret "staff only" ways to get places, the neat architecture and the wonderful art collection. Looking back I think the main reason I chose to go to medical school was because I loved the feeling of the Mayo Clinic (not a good reason to go to medical school!)