Was the Clinton plan so awful?

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The Star Tribune notes: "Washington's smart-alecks joke that if Hillary Clinton had proposed health-care reform as complicated as the new Medicare drug benefit, her critics would've laughed her out of town. But wait -- she did, and they did."

And the Wall Street Journal reports: "Today, the Republican lawmakers who rejected 'Clinton Care' are investing billions of dollars more every year in the veterans health-care system, which has become a huge experiment in government-run managed care. Annual spending on VHA, which is part of the Department of Veterans Affairs, has grown by 58% after inflation. The number of veteran patients treated has almost doubled to 4.66 million annually in 2004."

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Forget Social Security. Health care is going to be the biggest problem in this country's near future.

We have the most expensive health system, yet we are far from the best health care.

It's sad that the people in power do not have the vision and compassion necessary to deal with a real issue affecting the people they serve.

Self-interest and political partisanship prevented a serious discussion of the Clinton plan.

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