Trying to serve two masters in health journalism

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Competition among news organizations is a good thing. Readers and viewers already get far too many reports that are regurgitated in similar fashion from the same source.

But big media companies increasingly are going in the other direction: hiring big media names to serve two masters simultaneously.

The latest is CNN's Dr. Sanjay Gupta, who, according to Broadcasting & Cable magazine, will begin contributing up to 10 medical reports a year to the CBS Evening News.

OK, to whom does he give his best stuff? How would we know it's his best stuff? Is he saving a little extra for the CNN folks who gave him his break in TV news? Or does he save his "A" game for new viewers in his shot at one of the Big 3 audiences?

And CBS already has Dr. Jon LaPook, Katie Couric's doctor-friend. When might they hire a real medical journalist, rather than a doctor playing one on TV?

1 Comment

I'll bet the more sellable stuff goes to CNN. That wouldnt surprise me. The rest gets thrown out for the sake of saying something.

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