Thailand does what U.S. can't: play hardball with Pharma


Thailand - little Thailand - has stood up to drug companies in ways the U.S. has not or will not. Read today's Wall Street Journal story.

But the U.S. - even with changes in Congress - can't muster the courage to even negotiate drug prices for Medicare. As Paul Krugman wrote in the New York Times:

"... The political news over the last few days has been grim. ...The Senate failed to end debate on a bill — in effect, killing it — that would have allowed Medicare to negotiate over drug prices. ...[I]n spite of overwhelming public support..., 42 senators, all Republicans, voted no."

Guess the drug lobby isn't as strong in Thailand.


It is sad to see that people are just trying to make money they wont even help other coutries ...

Interested blog post, I like your blog :)

Brazil has just followed through...

Mr. B.

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