US "system" compared to health care around the world


My friend Jon Palfreman's documentary, "Sick Around the World," airs on PBS Frontline tonight.

I watched an advance copy last night and urge you to watch tonight.

The film gives glimpses of health care systems in the UK, Germany, Switzerland, Japan and Taiwan. And it asks the question: "Other rich countries have universal health care. why don’t we?"

In the film, Swiss politicians from the political right and left enthusiastically support universal health care. Pascal Couchepin, the president of the Swiss Federation, argues: "Everybody has a right to health care. ... It is a profound need for people to be sure that if they are struck by destiny ... they can have a good health system."

Watch and learn. And think about how shallow the debate has been in this year's presidential campaign.


Absolutely a fantastic presentation. Well done. Unfortunately PBS being in a difficult position, are not likely to present reasons for the USA demise. I have done that pulling no punches. I have a direct cost comparison line by line USA vs Finland on my web site. It is long but detailed. Another segment is under construction.
Comments are welcome. E-mail is on web site.

I've been saying this since 1994. I was a sophomore in high school.

Either I am bright or the US is very slow....

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