The whining dinosaur questions children's hospital turf wars

I'm not a big fan of hospital rankings - the kind US News & World Report does each year, for example.
But they do give some food for thought - and they certainly fed the inquisitiveness of Professor Bill Gleason of the University of Minnesota. Professor Gleason - who calls himself Mr. Bonzo (or the Whining Dinosaur) - writes on his blog about the Twin Cities market's medical arms race involving children's hospitals. And he uses the USNWR rankings to question duplication of services, and to question advertising by the University of Minnesota/Fairview Children's Hospital.

There has been surprisingly little public discussion and local news attention about this children's hospital turf war. He may be a Whining Dinosaur, but Mr. Bonzo is filling a void by keeping this issue alive - at least for anyone who finds his blog.

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