Another slam to retiree health benefits

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In case you missed it, the Wall Street Journal yesterday reported:

GM's announcement Tuesday that it would cease medical coverage for its salaried retirees age 65 and above signals that a new era of ever-shrinking benefits has arrived. Beginning in January, even former employees who are already in retirement will lose their benefits, which most of the company's retirees use to supplement gaps in their traditional Medicare coverage. The auto maker will boost monthly pension payouts to help offset the cuts. The company's unionized workers aren't affected by the cut to retiree health benefits.

GM isn't the first company to do this, but its heft and influence could help usher in further cutbacks at other companies. ...

At this point, employees and retirees "have to feel lucky if they still have retiree [health-care] benefits, and have to start planning for when they won't," says Rick McGill, head of retiree medical consulting for employee-benefits firm Hewitt Associates. He says such benefits are "a dying breed."

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That is very bad news for all those former employees. Health benefits are a must.

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