Fibromyalgia in the French Quarter


According to the Fierce Pharma website, Pfizer kept increasing ad spending (by almost 25%) in 2007 while many drug companies were cutting their ad spending. The site says that one of Pfizer's drugs, Lyrica, "saw its budget skyrocket 123 percent. In 2007, Pfizer won a new fibromyalgia indication for Lyrica--originally a nerve pain drug--and spent almost $74 million on promotion."

Pfizer's website says " Fibromyalgia is a real medical condition. It includes all-over muscle pain that can make it hard to do even day-to-day tasks. The pain may vary from mild to severe."
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The woman in their ads must have the mild form. She's sauntering around the French Quarter with her guy. I guess we're supposed to believe that Lyrica allowed her to do that.

Back when the drug was approved, the New York Times asked if the disease was real. Excerpt:

"But other doctors — including the one who wrote the 1990 paper that defined fibromyalgia but who has since changed his mind — say that the disease does not exist and that Lyrica and the other drugs will be taken by millions of people who do not need them."


I hope you aren't suggesting fibromyalgia isn't "real." I'm cruising blogs and news stories right now hoping and praying someone will have found a true cure. I've gone from an extremely active hiker, camper and swimmer to a person who must carefully monitor her lifestyle to prevent fibromyalgia flares. I have a stressful, although enjoyable, job in a professional field and don't want to give up the benefits of my hard earned education to go on disability. People don't want to hear the complaints of a person who suffers chronic pain, so many with fibromyalgia become reclusive and silent about any symptoms. I haven't tried Lyrica because the side effects sound horrible, but I'm quite sure the woman in the ad doesn't have fibromyalgia. If she does, she's enjoying one of the the rare respites from pain.

Pfizer has enough money to pay for these type of marketing ads several times over, heck I even spend at least $75 a month on Pfizer meds. I have actually seen this commercial and was thinking the same thing. That lady looks very healthy to me LOL.

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