Dr. Stephen Colbert on the Jupiter statin study, etc.

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See complete Colbert clip on his NoFactZone site.


“This is a great breakthrough in the battle to find things to prescribe to people who don’t need them. ...

True, the drug costs $100 a month. But that is a small price to pay to not have the heart attack that there’s no way of knowing that you would have had.?

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I actually think the JUPITER study is interesting and adds to our knowledge. The question is, how is that knowledge going to be used? The patients in the study were higher risk than the average person in their age group. Otherwise they would not have had all those heart attacks, strokes, hospitalizations for angina, bypass surgeries, and so forth.

Are you against treating ANYONE with statins for primary prevention? Suppose someone's risk of an event is 20% over 10 years. Would you still not offer them treatment? After all, there is no way of knowing whether they will ever have a heart attack. What about treating people for hypertension to prevent a heart attack or stroke? Are you against that too?

What about treating people with generic statins? Are you against that too?

What about treating people with diabetes who do not have heart disease? Are you against that?

It just seems to me that if your reasoning is that we should not treat people for something we can't predict with certainty, that standard can never be met. So far as I know, no one has figured out a way to predict the future.

In the interest of full disclosure, my husband (age 53) has been told that his risk of having a heart attack is very high and is on the maximum dose of atorvastatin. Relatives of his have died of heart attacks at 35 and 40. I am fairly certain that if you were in his shoes you would be on a statin too.



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