The fear-mongering on health care reform has begun

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This is Harry & Louise all over again. Fear-mongering without facts. It's WMDs in health care.

Former Hospital Corporation of America exec Richard Scott, who made his fortune in health care, now is spending some of that fortune on a campaign to battle the boogey man - BIG GOVERNMENT HEALTH CARE. Ads like this are now running.

“Imagine waking up one day and all your medical decisions are made by a central national board,” Scott says in one of the ads. “Bureaucrats decide the treatments you receive, the drugs you take, even the doctors you see.”

Let's imagine instead waking up one day and realizing what the market has NOT done to inject rationality into the health care "system" from which it profits. And which leaves 45-million of our neighbors uninsured. And which spends more on health care than any other nation on the globe without the outcomes to show for it. If you wake up in THAT world, you've awakened in the US today.

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I think that a part of this is that we've been too conditioned to "not question the doctor". We also don't see the dilemma of believing the government can't run healthcare but can run a war. I also hope that the free market days are going to get severely restricted; piracy is not a good model. More prevention is a good model. Legend of the model in ancient China was you paid the doctor a stipend when you were well and didn't pay when you were sick; they weren't doing their job of keeping you healthy.

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