How will the FDA regulate drug promotion via blog, podcast, social network, etc.?

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John Mack tackles the question on his Pharma Marketing blog.


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I wish the rules were clearer, since I have not had pharma industry content at all on my site, I personally don't have a problem with posting their info on my medical news and information website if it is clearly identified as industry-sponsored, has some sort of scientific validity, and is not paid for by industry money. The problem is that the drug companies are not interested in branching out into Web 2.0 projects now, and the regulatory climate may be why.

I get the same response when I ask them to send me their info: "I don't know...I'll have to take it through legal." This is essentially the same thing as, "I don't want to tell you no, doc, so I will just give you some noncommittal throwaway line." I have yet to hear back from any reps about what "legal" had to say about the idea of posting info on, but I still keep trying.

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