News about Gooz is our loss

Merrill Goozner, who headed the Integrity in Science Watch project at the Center for Science in the Public Interest for the past five years, has been axed by CSPI.

The good news is that he'll now have more time to devote to his terrific blog,, for which, in the past, he had to cobble together an hour or two in the morning or an hour or two in the evening - or more - to fuel the blog. Or maybe he'll come up with a new initiative worth watching. He won't sit still - although he says a few rounds of golf will come first.

Gooz helped put health care conflict of interest on the public radar screen during his five years at CSPI. He has an eye and an intellect to hone in on troublesome tidbits that others may miss. We can't lose his regular contribution to journalism in whatever form that takes.

We wish him the best.

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