To Screen Or Not To Screen - That Is The Question

My Canadian friend and colleague Alan Cassels (along with two other colleagues) has published a new analysis warning "that private clinics selling high-tech services to screen healthy people for disease could be harming Canadians and placing an undue burden on the public health system. ...The results of the study found that there are prevalent misconceptions about the safety and regulation of CT and PET screening technologies."

He's also written a consumer guide, "To Screen Or Not To Screen, That is the Question," available at the same link above.

Alan is publisher of the Media Doctor Canada website - the Canadian counterpart to our project. Alan will join me and David Henry - the original publisher of the Media Doctor Australia website - in a panel at the Association of Health Care Journalists conference in Seattle in two weeks, where we will try to teach journalists about how to do a better job reporting on research and studies.

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