Angell delivers devilishly dark view of health care reform chances


Marcia Angell, former editor of the New England Journal of Medicine, on Bill Moyers Journal:

"We are the only advanced country in the world that has chosen to leave health care to the tender mercies of a panoply of for-profit businesses, whose purpose is to maximize income and not to provide health. ...

If you leave this profit-oriented system in place, you can't both control costs and increase coverage. You inevitably, if you try to increase coverage, increase costs. The only answer, the only answer, and (the President) said it at the beginning of his press conference, is a single payer system. In his first sentence, he said, that is the only way to cover everyone.

BILL MOYERS: But he's also said, if we were starting the system from scratch, we could have single payer. But we're not starting this system from scratch.

MARCIA ANGELL: You know, you don't pour more money into a failing system. You convert."


I would like for Congress, and their staffs,to give up (or be forced to give up) their health coverage until there is some minimum for ALL. They believe there is choice because the OMB makes sure for federal employees there is a wide choice and protection. Even those of us who have health insurance (or our employers) often have very little choice in providers or plans, and there is almost no way to adequately compare--they can change the terms on you and control the definitions of what you are allowed. I have health insurance and am not happy with it. Every time I have changed jobs, and often when in the same job, I have had to change providers--so much for continuity. And I would much prefer a government bureaucrat over an insurance company between me and my doctor. An insurance company's primary objective, by law, is to generate profits for shareholders, not look out for my best interests. Cuba outperforms the US in infant mortality and morbidity--so much for all of those that claim the US has the "greatest healthcare" in the world.

The British health system is one the US should look up to. I watched the film by Moore, Sicko, and I was gobsmacked.

I think it's sick how the US want to profit from peoples poor health.

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