Caveat emptor on medical device ads - models beware, too!

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A male model and his mother didn't like the fact that an ad suggested he had prostate problems. So reports the Star Tribune:

Ubaldo Dominguez Ramos, a 58-year-old model from Brooklyn Center, claims that Fridley-based Medtronic defamed him by illegally using his photograph in an ad touting its prostate device next to the words, "Now I can go like I am 19 again!"

Ramos said in a Hennepin County District Court lawsuit this week that he has never suffered from prostate problems.

Gee, Medtronic is making it into the news in all kinds of ways.

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What if the FTC and/or FDA simply required truth in advertising... that anyone depicted in an ad as a patient using a drug or device actually BE a patient who uses that drug or device?

Maybe then the ads might have a shade more verisimilitude, in contrast to the unbelievably healthy-looking actors currently used to promote magic bullet fantasies.

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