Do we need a shot clock on conflict of interest policy deliberations?

"For more than a year, the American Medical Association has been drafting a new ethics policy aiming to limit industry influence on continuing education for doctors.

Apparently that's not enough time."

So begins a Wall Street Journal health blog post today.

Meantime, University of Minnesota med school faculty member Bill Gleason, reacts to his own school being in the news again for COI issues. He perceives a:

"..."don't worry, be happy" attitude that has accompanied the two year and growing period of time spent foot-dragging on a badly needed reform of conflict of interest policies at the U of M medical school."

Reminder - on this the day that Senator Kohl holds hearings on commercial continuing medical education (CME) issues - that University of Minnesota med school hierarchy removed the recommendation from its conflict of interest task forces that all industry support of CME be stopped within five years.

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