Another day, another cure on ABC's Good Morning America

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And another zero-star review by for a morning health news segment.


The story was about facelifts and migraines, and as you can see in the picture above, ABC had to use the tired "Cure?" reference to get our attention.

They got our attention, as we summarized in our review:

Story suggests there may be a cure for migraines - a cure that didn't eliminate migraines in 43% of people and resulted in complications in 35% of those for whom it did. Is that your kind of cure?

Read the full review to find out much more about what was missing in the story.

1 Comment

I went and read the entire review and I see what you mean now. The complications are worrying.

I am doing some research for my blog as well. I'm hoping to use your references for my research.


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