Canadian Parliament member decries US Republicans making Canadian health care their whipping boy

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Canadian legislator Bob Rae writes:

Watching the debate in the U.S. about health care has been a fascinating, if depressing, experience. In particular, the fact that a Canadian woman has played into the hands of the Republican lobby because of her understandable anxiety about her medical condition doesn't make me mad; it just makes me sad.

Shona Holmes is a Canadian insured by the Ontario Health Insurance Plan. She says she was made to wait months to get a diagnosis for her benign tumour. Once she was diagnosed, she wanted an operation right away, so went to the States for the procedure. Now she wants OHIP to pay for the cost of her U.S. treatment, which she paid for out of her own pocket. She has a public insurer, and wants a refund on her private treatment, which she decided had to happen right away.

But the trouble is that the people on whose behalf she's made the ad don't want to have a public insurer; they want to maintain a system where over 40 million people don't have coverage at all.

How many millions of Americans go untreated, undiagnosed because of their current system? How many are turned down by their insurance companies? How many Americans have gone bankrupt because of uninsured medical costs?

The ad Ms. Holmes appears in says Canadians are denied care because "the government says patients aren't worth it." So private insurance companies that routinely deny treatment and coverage in the U.S. are Good Samaritans? I think not.

Read his entire column.

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I am a Canadian born in Canada and grew up with universal healthcare.
Well, until it took me 8 months to see my GP to get a mammogram, reported negative and badgering to get a biopsy to confirm Grade 2 Ductal breast cancer. I left for the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, USA to find out within a day that the hospital in Toronto missed 3 other tumours. I had a double mastectomy the following day.
Did I want to leave Canada? No, but it took so long and then I lost my faith. The worse part is that within the past 2 years I lost 4 friends to cancer and I began to question whether it was due to the care. The irony is that I am a nurse and have the knowledge base to navigate the system- what about others???

In my concern after recovery I launched with 12 facts that can save your life and an appeal for government reform. By the way there is a two tier system that exists in Canada and I was shocked to find out about 6 months ago.

I also emailed and called the White House to let them know my story and to build in safe guards when and if the new healthcare system rolls in- it is not all applepie and sweet.

I did not want this to happen to anyone else and prior to leaving for the USA I contacted our Health Minister and as well as one week upon my return- no answers. Also I also wrote Bob Rae- who is a member of Parliament and copy my email, which I have never heard a response.
I am beginning to think this is an epidemic -hearing other stories of delayed diagnosis due to wait times/no GP, etc and that no one has complained because basically they are too busy fighting for their lives and trying to survive. Where is the accountability???

Here is the copy of email to Mr Rae- if you are reading it I suggest you respond

This was sent Nov 9, 2008
see link posting copy of email

Its about ethics, accountability and doing what is right-

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