Disease-mongering PR tactics, part two

The same PR company that I've asked to remove me from their mailing list, which is the same PR company that sent me the news release on airplane seat covers to prevent disease, has now sent me another.

This one is even better (worse?). It tells me:

  • that 20 million women are affected by unwanted hair in places where only males should have it!
  • That it's an actual syndrome with a real big name.
  • That they represent a doctor who can actually treat this problem with bioidentical hormones.
  • And that they can arrange an interview for me with that doctor - can you imagine that? And they can arrange a patient interview as well. Gee, I wonder if that will be a happy patient.
With the airplane seat cover news release, they included a photo. I wish they had included photos of some of the 20 million women with hair in places only men should have it.

I've decided I'm going to write about this company's unsolicited junk mail to me until they stop.

Oh, the PR company is called 5WPR.

They're probably happy about this: they can now claim "another media impression!"

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