Disease-mongering PR tactics

I've asked a PR company to take me off their mailing list. They haven't done so.

So they asked for it. Today I got this dastardly piece of disease-mongering in the form of a news release in the mail. It reads:

It's the sniffles, tics and lice or even a far more serious disease--vulnerability while traveling has prompted fear within those bound for public transportation. Searching for an option to keep people safe and protected, Sure Fit, the nation's leading slip cover and accessories provider has created the newest must-have item to ease fears of catching the flu en route with the Transit Cover.


"Sniffles, tics and lice or even a far more serious disease!"

Be afraid.

Be very afraid.

And then buy our product.

Gag me. I hope their campaign fails and their client's sales plummet.

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