Seniors confused about health care reform - rationing or rational?

A friend who works on Capitol Hill took a call from an elderly constituent today who said she opposes health care reform because "it will rationalize health care in our country."

What an inadvertent pearl of wisdom.

Meantime the new Kaiser Health Tracking Poll shows:

Overall, 62 percent of those over age 65 say they are confused about health care plans being considered by Congress, compared to 43 percent of those under age 65. It is this confusion that may be driving some of the anxiety evident among seniors when it comes to health care reform plans.

"Seniors tell us they are confused about health reform," said Kaiser Vice President and Director of Public Opinion and Survey Research Mollyann Brodie. "They are hearing both positive and negative things about how it will affect them and they are not sure what to believe. Whether they will support any final proposal remains unclear -- and may depend heavily on what the specifics are and whether any sweeteners for seniors are included in the bill."

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