At least Canadian radio seems interested in the state of US TV health journalism

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Lots of US blogger and Tweeting attention to my column yesterday announcing that was not going to devote as much attention to reviews of network TV health news anymore.

But among mainstream US media, nary a whisper. Only an LA Times blog posting.

Meantime, two big Canadian radio voices were interested enough to interview me.

Manitoba news "superstation" CJOB interviewed me yesterday for their "Night Hawk" program. I'm not sure if that's aired yet.

And the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation's "As It Happens" program interviewed me tonight. (This is a .wmv file in which the interview covers the first 8 minutes.)

The CBC host wrapped up the interview by saying:

"We watch the debate that we see ever night - if I may say so for my fellow Canadians - with a mixture of shock and stupification and interest...I think your country needs your efforts so I hope you can continue them in whatever form they take."

He was referring to our efforts to improve the quality of health journalism because of its potential impact on the public's understanding of the health care reform debate.

Maybe I should move to Canada.

1 Comment

Gary, we would LOVE to have you in Canada, but your work is so badly needed there.
Bruce Wilson- Montreal, Quebec

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