How to Understand Our Acceptance of Lies, Distortions, and Myths About Health Care Reform

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Dr. Kent Bottles,who heads the Institute for Clinical Systems Improvement, blogs about this question.

He concludes by quoting Sharon Begley in a Newsweek column:

"Anyone who believed that the battle over health care reform would be waged on facts, logic, reason and concern for the less fortunate...probably also scoffed at Lyndon Johnson's daisy ad. As politicians and strategists (at least the successful ones) have finally learned, appeals to emotion leave appeals to logic in the dust. And no emotion moves people more powerfully than fear."

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Dear Friends south of the boarder
It is very interesting watching your debate on health care.
The question that boggles my mind is why doesn't the Haves want to pay for the care of the Havenots?
Is it not the Republican God given duty since they both pride themselves as Christian?
In order for your nation to prosper there must be based on more than just meaningless cold cash.
The world is watching the greedy in your land not wanting to help the sick.
I pray that you arrive at a single payer heath system because it works.
Johnny V
I'm pro American
I drive 2 American cars.
Rode 2 Harleys
All my guitars are American made.
God Bless

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