Wendell Potter apologizes for cheating people out of health care reform

Former health insurance flack Wendell Potter - now the Senior Fellow on Health Care for the Center for Media and Democracy - writes about a talk he gave in Oregon last weekend. The setting was a community rally for health care reform."

He said:

"I would like to begin by apologizing to all of you for the role I played 15 years ago in cheating you out of a reformed health care system. Had it not been for greedy insurance companies and other special interests, and their army of lobbyists and spin-doctors like I used to be, we wouldn't be here today.

I'm ashamed that I let myself get caught up in deceitful and dishonest PR campaigns that worked so well, hundreds of thousands of our citizens have died, and millions of others have lost their homes and been forced into bankruptcy, so that a very few corporate executives and their Wall Street masters could become obscenely rich."

You can read the entire talk online.

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