Son, let's watch the Phillies and some Viagra ads


John Mack wrote a noteworthy Google Sidewiki:

"Yesterday (8-OCT-2009 and the day before), while watching the Phillies-Rockies playoff baseball game on cable TV (TBS), I saw a Viagra ad at 5:23 PM.

I believe that this violates PhRMA's DTC principle #16, which states: "In terms of content and placement, DTC television and print advertisements should be targeted to avoid audiences that are not age appropriate for the messages involved. In particular, DTC television and print advertisements containing content that may be inappropriate for children should be placed in programs or publications that are reasonably expected to draw an audience of approximately 90 percent adults (18 years or older)."

I doubt that a 5:23 PM on a weekday afternoon, 90% of the audience for this show was 18 years or older. I challenge Pfizer to offer proof otherwise.

Perhaps Pfizer accepts the word of TBS that the audience is appropriate at that time, but what's need is actual Neilson data or the equivalent. If TBS is using historical viewer data for that time slot that is not sports related, then I think it is faulty proof.

A TV network is likely to spin viewer data to woo advertisers, but advertisers should not just take their word for it."


I noticed the same thing, the baseball playoffs seem to be a breeding ground for these ads. I must have seen at least 10, probably many more, over the course of 3 games between the Yankees and Twins.

The disturbing part for me is that in one of the ads the man clearly is suffering from more serious problems than ED. He's walking down the street talking to his reflection, slapping hands with his refelection, ignoring his date so he can nod his head at the reflection.

I think he may be psychotic, but Pfizer's answer to this is to suggest he needs Viagara. Odd.

Boys shouldn't be seeing these ads on TV. Do we want them to grow up thinking that one can only become a man through a pill, and that the key focus of one's life should be the phallus? Insanity.

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