Lashing out at Latisse eyelash drug ads


Consumer Reports' terrific series of drug adwatch videos added a new one last week - and this is one of my favorites.


That was awesome. Hypotrichosis??? Give me a break. Talk about disease mongering. Of course if you make normal variations a disease then you will always have patients. Disgusting.

Disease mongering indeed. Reminds me of a certain WHO study group in the early 1990's "diseasifying" the decrease in bone density as we age. Created a great market for Fosamax and Actonel, which do appear to increase bone density. I still haven't found the evidence that either of these meds reduce hip fractures. Also reminds me of a medication studied to lower high blood pressure, re-branded as Viagra, now making a couple billion in revenue each year for Pfizer.

Hi Gary, I found you via a referral tweet from Pharmagossip. I can't believe I haven't run across your blog before because I know of your program at UM. Anyway, this is a fantastic video from CR; I'll have to look at their others.

I've been interested in this whole eyelash thing for over a year or so, having first seized upon "cosmeceutical" companies trying to capitalize on this side effect of Lumigan and Xalatan eyedrops without gaining FDA approval. I'm not surprised that Allergan received approval for Latisse - essentially Lumingan in a dosage form that can be applied by brush - but I am surprised that while they got it approved for "hypotrichosis," it is clearly being marketed as a cosmetic product.

Without sounding too self-serving, here is a link to my most recent post - if you scroll to the end, you'll see links to all of my posts on this topic.

Great to come across your blog!

Just watch. The racoon look will become all the rage in women's magazines, especially those that feature Latisse ads.

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