Guess who serves on this conflict of interest committee???


An interesting little fact came my way today - something I had never realized before about the University of Minnesota's conflict of interest review infrastructure.

Guess who is on the University Academic Health Center Conflict of Interest Committee? (Hint: he has been investigated by the US Senate for conflict of interest violations.)

Go to this site for a clue.

Still can't get it?

It's Dr. David Polly. If you don't know the story, you can read a Star Tribune editorial. (pdf file)


Thanks for pointing this out, Gary. As you probably know, this fiasco has been the topic of an article in the Star-Tribune:

This is perfectly consistent with the U's appointing Leo Furcht as co-chair of the original team that was to come up with a new policy. See:

It is also noteworthy that Dr. Polly was a lecturer in the University of Minnesota's mini-medical school last Spring. Topic? Ethics of university/industry interactions. I have pointed out the absurdity of this to Dr. Frank Cerra, med school dean, in person one on one, and at a public meeting: (We're not violating a legal statute...)

I keep thinking that this can't go on. But it may as long as the gang that couldn't shoot straight is in charge. Disgusting.

Perhaps the University should offer a graduate course on dealing with pharma and conflicts of interest. Hustlers of all types can find their life's calling or just an exciting part time job to offset tuition by following Dr.'s Schulz and Polly's proven method of carnival barking for big(top) pharma. The job offers good pay (sometimes in excess of $450,000 a year) in lucrative locales, includes paid travel, meals and excitement. Short hours are the norm, often two day seminars are standard; but strong vocal cords are a must. It is necessary to learn the carnival pharma language, a barker is a research psychiatrist, a patient is a mark, a booth or concession is a hospital or clinic and prizes are cheap awards for obtaining informed consent.

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