The U's most active blog is shutting down
Cancer center ads that play on fear and emotion
Wisdom of the crowds commenting on troubled health news stories
Clergyman-blogger unleashes criticism of CNN for disease-mongering story
THE most jumbled, confusing breast cancer screening info I've seen in the news
Time to "tone down the sky is falling" on H1N1?
Understanding the USPSTF breast screening guidelines
Local TV news' love affair with scanning and screening
Editorial says coronary artery calcium CT screening "unproven, probably enormously wasteful, costly, docs profiting"
Health/medical journalism? Or plagiarism?
CBS, Sanjay Gupta, tell heart-warming but terribly incomplete story on Berlin Heart
CNN anchor endorses screening all 6th graders as "worth it"
Tamiflu troubles
Strib - usually strong on medical conflict of interest stories - fails to see it in their own story
Mixed results in news coverage of Texas doc's hopes to screen all US sixth-graders' hearts
Bad advice about TV health news "teases"
Guess who serves on this conflict of interest committee???
Another Minnesota bioethics expert speaks out against UMN conflict of interest plan
Can Journalists Do Better?
Bioethics expert criticizes UMN conflict of interest plan
Big changes on
Reading between the lines of a medical device company's sales & stock results
Another Washington Post column that misleads readers on mammography
Mammography & the corporate breast: conflicts of interest in critics
Disease-mongering of female sexual dysfunction
American College of Physicians blasts "politicization of evidence-based clinical research"
Women over-estimate breast cancer risk
Rochester freelancer criticizes Mayo stance on mammography
10 things that stand out from the mammography week to remember (forget?)
Multiple reasons why women are misinformed about breast cancer
Howard Kurtz doesn't add to public understanding of mammography issue
Five popular falsehoods in the mammography discussion
Kudos to Nancy Snyderman for some of her mammography explanations this week
The history of uncertainty surrounding mammography
People should have known more about USPSTF all along
MinnPost column on "rampant, breathless, fear-mongering rhetoric" on mammography
In mammography discussion, the plural of anecdote is not data
CNN takes advocacy stance in its one-sided view of USPSTF breast screening recommendations
Call for NIH to fund research on ethics, conflicts of interest
Fair and balanced - CNN adopts Fox approach to mammography story
This is the kind of journalistic explanation of the breast cancer issue that we need
Truth squad needed on breast screening quotes
Heartburn from heartburn meds - how to cover important drug issues on local TV news
Too much emotion - not enough evidence - in TV's coverage of breast cancer screening
More bloggers critiquing mainstream media coverage of health news
Pharma sees reform coming, so they raise prices now
Stop the presses on female libido drug story
Imbalanced, inaccurate reporting on USPSTF breast screening recommendations
TV docs & their bosses must decide: Are they docs or journalists?
Prof charges CNN with shameless product promotion for "breast cancer bra" material
Direct mail disease mongering
Health news theme show on NPR's On The Media this week
Osteopaths try to buy journalists' attention with iTunes gift cards
$100 hemorrhoid foam & health care reform
CBS Early Show calls pig breast research a breakthrough
Newer isn't better in treating clogged kidney arteries
Hospital PR taking advantage of weakened news media - at least TV
Medical mouse research news you won't hear much about
Memories of strong journalists from my first newsroom
Physicians' inconsistent disclosure of potential financial conflicts of interest
German journalists interested in concept
Snowballing concerns over family docs' org Coke deal
Lashing out at Latisse eyelash drug ads
Medical conflict of interest issues in newspapers large and small today
US - world outliers when it comes to screening rates
Docs quitting AAFP over Coke deal
What can we learn from Australia's medical industry disclosure regulations?
Doc starts Facebook petition to end Coke deal with American Academy of Family Physicians
Amgen, Aranesp, and anemia patients get the bad news
A story of harms and regrets about cancer screening - the "other side" we seldom hear
Traffic continues to grow on
TV station makes big deal of showing breast exams but ignore evidence
Something doesn't feel right about FDA - WebMD partnership
Screening crusaders who simply get it wrong
Buffalo's talking about prostate screening
My talk on healthy skepticism in Barcelona today
DCIS dilemma described
What the FDA sees that doctors and patients may never know
Buffalo News publishes op-ed piece about Roswell Park's Prostate Club For Men
Attempted clarification by Cancer Society
What IS the American Cancer Society trying to say about screening?
Investors swarm to attack any criticism of CBS story on peramivir
Cancer Society: advantages to screening have been exaggerated
CBS proclaims miraculous results from lifesaving drug - but provides no evidence
60 Minutes dusts off its #1 cancer story - for the third time
Troubling beliefs by health care journalists
Have MRI, will do back surgery
"We do not know yet exactly whom to screen and how to screen" - pancreatic CA researcher
Texas: "a fiscally vibrant state that chooses to spend less than others on basic health care"
Medblogging and e-health tidbits
Raising chickens and grading health care news
Health blogger code of ethics, patient blogger code of ethics
The State of the Medical Blogosphere
Stents for sex
Criticism of Congressional breast cancer bill leads to changes
The train has left the station but questions about robotic surgery remain
Medical journal editors move on uniform COI disclosure
Fear of cats? See this certified specialist.
Medbloggers meet at BlogWorld/New Media Expo
Son, let's watch the Phillies and some Viagra ads
Prizes for prostates
NYDN story on Mediterranean diet & depression was, well, depressing
Science Based Medicine blog calls CBS vaccine story "credulous, noncritical, misinformation"
CBS stirs up vaccine controversy - with only one side of the story
The flaws of science news via news conference - more on AIDS vaccine "breakthrough"
What if we treated health care news like baseball news?
Investigative report on patient safety issues in drug study
Where are the mainstream news media on USPSTF coronary risk test story?
Evidence not strong enough yet on nine heart disease screening tests
Family physicians have a Coke (and a 6-figure deal) and a smile
Your friendly neighborhood drug store.....
Familiar Midwest theme: watered down med school conflict of interest policies
Another side to breast cancer awareness month: sick of pink
Another example of questionable local TV ethics regarding health programming
50 excellent public health blogs
British debate on science reporting is worth a listen
A million dollars a day on health care reform TV ads
A challenge to journalism to improve coverage of health care reform
Smart health care consumer listeners on Wisconsin Public Radio
Journalists across the US should be prepared for pharma conflict of interest stories
I don't read health magazines. Here's one reason why.
Editorial poses tough questions about shared decision-making in prostate cancer screening decisions
Survey shows many men don't get balanced talk about prostate cancer screening from their docs
Canadian analyst on the "staggering costs of irrational blood sugar testing"
Des Moines Register story claims chiropractic saved man's life. Nothing saved the story.
Leading physicians' group calls for limits on DTC drug ads
And these guys will vote on health care reform?!?
Reforming FDA medical device approval
Caveats about early release of incomplete AIDS vaccine info
BMJ papers conclude there's not enough evidence to support widespread PSA screening
More questions than answers on DCIS?
NIH holds state-of-the-science conference on DCIS
Are we going to have to listen to the saga of EVERY reporter who gets the flu?
Questions about the booming medical imaging business in Texas
Local TV report questions LifeLine Screening tests
e-patient Dave: a health care consumer voice to be reckoned with
Minnesota columnist: why did it take an out-of-town paper to weigh the Mayo sacred cow?
Video plea to protect insurance company profits from the evils of health care reform
Clinton's statement about screening young girls for breast cancer goes unchallenged by ABC
The leap from animal research to humans
Public misperceptions about "safe and effective" drugs
Texas law mandating insurance coverage of cardiovascular scans - "all hat and no cattle"
You may need therapy if you watch CBS Early Show
Choosing to go without health insurance
No way to cover new medical devices
Escalating cost of questionable medical technology
Another prostate cancer awareness issue: lack of training & standards for robot users
Dr. Rob looks at real prostate cancer awareness: turning prostate CA into CASH
Pushing prostate cancer screening to even younger ages
Live TV of digital rectal exam appointment ignores evidence
Universities create their own science-medicine news wire service
Power of placebo in back surgery
More data on why watchful waiting is a rational choice for some men with prostate cancer
New data on unsustainable health care cost increases
Slowing down the pace of treatment - where does that fit into health care reform?
UK doctors and patients respond to health care lies & myths
A music video tribute to the US ranking among the world's health care systems
How to track down medical ghostwriters without using ectoplasm
How to Understand Our Acceptance of Lies, Distortions, and Myths About Health Care Reform
Drugmaker recruits big bucks hired guns to promote its new drug
Who you gonna call? Ghostwriting busters!
Health care consumer engagement conference
Not enough talk about evidence-based medicine in current "debate"
Drug Marketing Strategy 101
Kudos to journalists who evaluate the quality of the evidence
How the new MN Senator deals with a State Fair crowd on health care reform
BMJ online publishes my letter criticizing their "large thighs protect" news release
Lovely LaCrosse, Wisconsin: the unwitting home of Sarah Palin's death panel myth
As predicted, tons of erroneous news stories on BMJ thigh study
BMJ misleads journalists with misguided news release on large thighs
How important prostate news is made
A ho-hum week for Pharma
Pfizer fine followup: a story of "profits at all costs, even when endangering lives"
At least Canadian radio seems interested in the state of US TV health journalism
Pfizer felony & record $2.3B fine: Will they talk about this at the Pfizer-funded journalism training workshop?
They have health insurance and they're still driven to debt
Wendell Potter apologizes for cheating people out of health care reform
Using "continuing medical education" to sell drugs
LA Times compares its scores with TV networks
A potential "problem of enormous proportions" with the medical literature
Throwing in the towel on network TV health news reviews
ABC reports on screening questions and STILL ends up endorsing screening
Questions about breast screening in JNCI as well
Watchful waiting OK for many men with prostate cancer
Powerful editorial by Otis Brawley on prostate cancer screening
Congresswoman Michele Bachman adds to her fairytale career, ignores international evidence on health care
Beware when a study misses its primary endpoint and a news release doesn't even mention that fact
"Money-Driven Medicine" film on Moyers on PBS tonight
CBS promotes John McEnroe as prostate expert without disclosing pharma funding
Scan-happy Americans better wake up to radiation risk
Health care decision-making can be distorted by how risk/benefit data are presented
Old news, news releases & confidence intervals
T.R. Reid's 5 Myths About Health Care Around the World
Surprise! Another breakthrough wrinkle treatment on the Today Show!
Reliable Sources allows more prostate screening crusading to flow through
Worse than oily stools
Does evidence make a difference in surgical practice?
Public dis-service announcement on prostate cancer by Larry King Live
What's behind top scores on
Poor service, irregular quality, at astonishingly high cost
Seniors confused about health care reform - rationing or rational?
Were conflicts of interest at play in international breast cancer conference?
Is brand loyalty a contributing factor to the nation's booming health care costs?
Back to school: lunchbox, new clothes, and Gardasil promotions
Top 100 Academic Twitterers
CBS story on Guillain Barre Syndrome was a confusing jumble
Merck marketing of Gardasil described as pushy, disturbing
Health care reform should be framed as civil rights movement: Alter
Europeans overestimate benefits of mammography and PSA screening
LA Times: The Trouble with Mammograms
Twibbon for people who love the British National Health Service
Journal-Sentinel hunts ghosts, Badgers and health care conflicts of interest
Dietitian slams TIME and ABC's GMA for nutrition misinformation
So health care reform news now accepts anonymous single-source allegations & unsigned untraceable memoes as gospel?
Brawley blasts Star Tribune for its "young women & breast cancer" editorial
A thoughtful view of end-of-life care on CBS
Fairness & Accuracy In Reporting looks at health care news
Correction on USA Today aspirin & colon cancer story
Compare stories on aspirin and colon cancer study
Killing Grandma and Stephen Hawking
Do doctors make too much money?
How foolish our health care "debate" looks to the rest of the world
Grassley repeats euthanasia claim - captured on YouTube for all to see & hear
More on reining in medical imaging costs in health care reform
Private death panels, universal death panels, or whatever scares the public most
Brazen Billy Tauzin & Pharma's Lock on US Health Care Spending
Bioethicists speak out on health care reform myths, calling the current state of health care unethical
A call for "minimally disruptive medicine"
WH press secretary scolds journos on "noise" reporting on health care reform
MRI imaging payments - a case study in the health care reform struggle
NBC long on high blood pressure "breakthrough" hype but short on anything to back it up
CJR wonders if ABC is lazy or just using desperate ratings bait
All the people health care hires to handle health insurance
Disease-mongering PR tactics, part two
Merck faces first of nearly 1,000 Fosamax lawsuits today
Well-known people sharing cancer diagnoses & non-evidence-based advice
Poor Billy Tauzin
Disease-mongering PR tactics
Morning radio liked my morning TV health news criticism
Low T, CME, and conflict of interest
Murky mess for U of Minnesota with MMPI conflict of interest issues
PioneerPress has new angle on University of MN conflict of interest issue
Give 'em credit: Jon LaPook and CBS did a decent job on vertebroplasty story
Mad As Hell About Schlocky Health News
Another day, another cure on ABC's Good Morning America
Cyberknife insurance coverage in question - a health policy case study
Canadian Parliament member decries US Republicans making Canadian health care their whipping boy
More Minnesota med school questions arise - stem cell questions won't die
Another spine surgical procedure called into question
CNN won't run ad critical of insurance industry exec's income
Reining in drug advertising
Star Tribune online ads block viewing of health care reform story
HRT ghostwriting - steroids on steroids
CNN hypes migraine "cure" and scares people on cholesterol-dementia link
Deficiencies in TV network stories on vitamin D deficiency in kids
Schwitzer Health News blog learns from Stephen Colbert
Health care shared decision-making in the news
MinnPost comments on our critique of TV net morning health stories - and calls our project "indispensable"
A growing public health threat: network TV morning health news segments
Clear as mud - Today Show segment on Gardasil
Travel, meals, all in a spine surgeon's $4,000-a-day work
Health care town hall forum has become house of horrors
Health care reform issue: health is more than the absence of abnormality
Enough to make you faint! $6 billion a year on fainting workups - much misspent.
Caveat emptor on medical device ads - models beware, too!
Surgeon's fees: $2000 for dinner, $900 for conference call. Story: priceless.
Consumer Reports critiques Abilify ad because "it scares us"
A network TV health research story that was reckless, veering toward malicious
Mahar: media spreading misinformation about health care reform
Angell delivers devilishly dark view of health care reform chances
On the Media was On the Health Care Reform topic
Where's the outrage over the health care reform discussion?
Why we have evidence-based guidelines on screening and shouldn't screen EVERYONE for EVERYTHING
Do we need a shot clock on conflict of interest policy deliberations?
St. Louis doc to patients: hope you don't live in Missouri. You're better off coming from the Illinois side of the river.
More conflict of interest issues for Minnesota med school to address
Unbelievable hype of story about rats and blue M&Ms
Wide-eyed new-technology-in-town health care coverage
Sometimes TV docs just get in the way
One of the most corrupt sectors of the nation's economy
Report shows how badly Obama lost the health care message to the Gates story
Screening Reveals Larger Problem of Understanding Gap Between Public and Experts
Headlines give different views of important prostate study
MSN health blog cites
Aggressive lowering of blood pressure may have been oversold
POTUS, robots and health care reform
Daily Kos open letter to Nancy Snyderman about her fluffy health care news
Politicians and tooth fairy science
Texas law mandating widespread cardio screening for older adults makes state the poster child for medical excess
Doctors who celebrate their industry ties
Pharma spending $3 million a week on lobbying
Copycat stories on pressing public health problem - cankles? OMG!
CBS airs almost cruelly misleading piece on paraplegia
Star Tribune four months late on Klobuchar breast screening bill
Good Morning America proclaims breakthrough again
Caveats about papers presented at cancer meetings
Can the Relationship between Doctors and Drug Companies Ever Be a Healthy One?
Health insurance is one of least competitive markets
Pharma Phacts - drug marketing awareness campaign
Good Morning America flawed story on spinal cord injury rehab
Policy question: is joint replacement the new Lasik surgery?
LA Times resveratrol story sobers red wine hype
Five-star story questions heart CT scan law in Lone Star state
Five things can result from screening tests & four are bad
A call for evidence on colorectal cancer screening
AP gets a D for schizophrenia story
BMJ editor wonders if US health policy news is different than UK's
Pill cam picture fuzzier after new study
Whistleblower chirps on medical device makers
Even non-journalists see a problem with pharma sponsored news training
Mice, monkeys & medicine
Monkeys and calories and TV news - oh, my!
Another thing to consider before having a simple noninvasive coronary calcium scan
Hyperlocal hyperbole in health news
WaPost turns to freebies to fill health section
Cross-border comparison on med school conflict of interest policies
Well-intentioned but misguided support for early breast screening bill
The question isn't whether breast cancer is overdiagnosed but how often
Prostates and health policy
Checkbook local TV health news: you pay, you play
Which morning show can have the worst health segment this week?
Coffee talk for mice: how not to cover animal research
Duke doc quits psychiatric bible-writing group
Psychiatrist ordered to remove Emory name from his blog
Embargoed science turning journalists into agents of propaganda
Statin study in the BMJ didn't convince everybody
Congresswoman's health care reform town hall forum was depressing
Record traffic to & Schwitzer Health News Blog
Post ombudsman calls pay-for-access health forum a public relations disaster
Goozner wonders why everyone is shocked over WPost story
How do Minnesota breast cancer advocates view Klobuchar's support of controversial early breast screening bill?
WPost responds to "pay for access" allegation makes damning accusation against WPost
Bar room brawl over bible of psychiatry
Three significantly different takes on spine surgery study - one headline emphasizing risk, one cost, one sales
Exploring the harmful effects of health care
Remember the Jupiter trial? CRP? Think again.
$80,000 to prolong survival by 1.2 months
CBS claims exclusive but leaves vital info out of heart stem cell story
Classic disease-mongering - maybe 10 million Americans with this underrecognized problem
There's always another test you can do. We have a problem saying "We're done now."
Philly Daily News column gives awful health advice to men
Have you heard of medical science liaisons?
Health care reform ad wars moving to front burner
Journal hits the "less is more in medicine" theme
ABC, CBS, NBC hype cancer "breakthrough"
CJR piece blasts depression documentary and the Peabody given to it
More on controversial Texas heart screening law
Nagging questions continue as TX passes heart screening law
Health care and the news
Urologists' call for baseline PSAs in 40 year olds puzzles ACS chief
Journalism organizations too cozy with drug industry
What can a new med school conflict of interest policy uncover?
NY Daily News prostate screening promotion conflicts with medical evidence
MPR asks why no MN med school conflict of interest policy after 20 months
Another meaningless mistaken-ridden medical marvel morning show segment on CBS
Jon Stewart puts lawmakers' health care rhetoric to laugh test
Steve Jobs case another example of transplant disparities?
Prevention myths and pigs at the trough
Cancer Letter says lawmakers ignore concerns about early breast CA screening
Another glimpse - this time from Oklahoma - of fawning news of medical technology
Where have all these critics of the Dartmouth Atlas data been all these years?
Willy Wonka and health care reform in the heartlands
Prevention not a panacea for health care cost problem
Journalists shouldn't treat risk factors as diseases
Did you miss these on
ABC missed the ABC's in story about Alzheimer's test
New scorecard released on med center conflicts of interest
CBS adds nothing to McAllen, TX story
WCBS physician-reporter promotes free brain scans. Evidence be damned.
Where's the beef?
Patients uninformed about potential harms of CT scans
Archives of Internal Medicine attacks publication bias
Gawande gets us talking
CBS News deserves credit for angioplasty stories
ABC misses the whole point of the A1C diabetes testing story
Good Morning America on incision-free surgery is not incisive
People need fewer hot fudge sundaes in their health news
You should sign up for e-mail digests
ABC News story on personalized cancer care needs treatment itself
Funding for comparative effectiveness research just got a big boost
Questioning the wisdom of executive physicals
$2 trillion spent on health care. How much is that - really?
Tweeting from scientific meetings
NY Daily News story on breast reduction surgery not up to challenge
Public willing to make tough health care choices
Did singer Natalie Cole get priority for a kidney transplant?
Health care reporting requires years of experience to get it right
On The Media on medical journal madness
Another bad morning health story on Good Morning America
Consumer Reports to generic skeptics: show us the evidence!
Profs on Twitter
A different angle on all the ASCO news
Another counter to conventional wisdom on early detection
Patients struggle to find quality health care info
Combating the Oprah Effect
If I visit, you may be changing jobs
400 followers in 4 months
H1N1 news around the world
7 million more uninsured by 2010
Battle for the soul of American medicine
Hospital staffing cuts - pragmatic, panic or planned?
Better late than never to honor Vietnam nurses
More is not always better in medical imaging
Single-payer blues
Problems with news coverage of early release of ASCO abstracts
Inspired by the health journalists I met with in NY
Kaiser health care reform gateway page
Cartoonist depicts how science news is made
Tears, emotion, religion, rhetoric in MN health cut veto override vote
Anti-Abilify Ad
HealthBusinessBlog: "I don't know what USA Today is thinking."
News orgs that let pharma make claims before releasing data
More vested interest vilification of virtual colonscopy decision
The seamy, seedy side of celebrity drug promotions
Physician-reporters at the forefront? I don't think so.
Press releases from academic medical centers - continued
Medicare makes evidence-based decision on virtual colonoscopy
Do people need their heads examined regarding brain scans?
Today Show, Nancy Snyderman, strike out again
What will Snyderman's one-hour program be like? We can only guess.
My interview on the Local TV Now podcast
Society of Professional Journalists Town Hall Forum on health journalism - videos now online
TV networks ignore health story costs and evidence
Some teachers get an apple. I get a Viagra clock.
Diane Sawyer learns how to be robotic surgeon
Does the Twin Cities need five children's hospitals?
The new class clowns - TV reporters and the flu story
MD Anderson brags about doing prostate screening in a 31 year old?!?
Swine flu-HIV could devastate human race: worst story yet?
Problems with news releases from academic medical centers
Folkenflik on flu news coverage
A half million dollars to prevent one case of prostate cancer?
NJ hospital reverses its ban on newspaper that asked tough questions
CNN adds to the cacophony - "Bracing For The Worst"
The Flying Nun Is a Grandmother Now But Drugs Allow Her To Play Twister
Sweet irony bites Michele Bachmann in the....
Swine Flu and TV sweeps: a recipe for disaster
SPJ Town Hall Forum on health journalism
How swine flu shots were promoted in the 70s
All flu all the time on cable news
So far, calm, cautious news coverage of flu
Poison Pills
UK bioethics panel explores marketing of screening tests
Sleepwalker blames Ambien for his infidelity
Readers respond with their most disturbing drug side effects
The black hole of TV health news ethics
Documentary screening: Money-Driven Medicine
Shoddy stories on autism, fertility treatments
Survey taps attitudes about health care delivery
How will the FDA regulate drug promotion via blog, podcast, social network, etc.?
Industry lining up lobbyists to fight comparative effectiveness
Vague and vapid CBS segment on the pill
The virtual colonoscopy conundrum
Bipolar children a purely American phenomenon
Seattle was health care journalism heaven these past 4 days
Feeble, fawning NYT story on Provenge
CBS Early Show joins ranks of zero-star health stories
What if?
Journals hype science
Off to Seattle
Hospitals and surgeons: stop tweeting and start giving undivided attention to patients
Did CBS cave in to Big Pharma bucks?
TVWeek's special issue on health journalism
Bad week for Good Morning America
Big bucks on display at American College of Cardiology meeting
Bill to teach teens breast self-exam gets political support, scientific opposition
ABC's disease-mongering of toenail fungus
Today's LA Times gives front page space to ad that looks like news
The little blog that could (even without ads or sponsorship)
Pharma influence on patient advocacy
Merck, young journalists, and conflict of interest
Will the Minnesota med school ever recognize a COI problem?
So many news stories drool over DaVinci
More health-related paid-for news
This news coverage doesn't help women with breast cancer
THIS is worth a news release?
Overactive marketing for overactive bladder
Bernadine Healy and the President's prostate
Ethics of screening
News about Gooz is our loss
Disconnect between supply and patient needs
To Screen Or Not To Screen - That Is The Question
MD editorial: I probably have prostate cancer but almost certainly won't die from it
Wanna sell a book? Get bigtime newspaper coverage.
Is the UK having better debate about mammography benefits and harms than US?
Must see TV - Frontline's "Sick Around America"
NBC goes nuts over Polypill
Required reading on industry-funded CME
Please, PLEASE use absolute risk data
Good Morning America Zeroes In
Two of the new realities in the business of health care
Politicians' prostates
Sioux Falls Paper Violates Ethical Standards, Endorses Calcium Scans
A misguided bill pushing for earlier breast cancer screening
How the red meat story was undercooked
Never thought I was Cover Boy material
Changing the daily drumbeat of health news
It's getting stinky in medical journal land
CBS Cares - about non-evidence based colonoscopy campaign
Consumer confusion over how much a CT scan costs
Prostate CA screening decision guide available online
More UMN psychiatry ethics questions surface
Another major trial raises questions about the value of prostate CA screening
Here come the lobbyists - a hint of what health care reform faces
Times story ticks off doc
DCIS and primum non nocere
Neurologist blasts PBS self help show "disguised as medical science"
Well-deserved journalism award on clinical trial ethics story
Today Show tries to atone for past sins on screening info
Let's hope journalists got the PSA lesson this time
What I would emphasize about the state of health journalism
Reader’s Digest stops drinking the Cure Kool-Aid
Direct mail direct-to-consumer disease-mongering
Ethical issues for CNN & Sanjay Gupta
Stephen Colbert on the uninsured
The Onion announces approval of drug for the annoyingly, insufferably cheerful
Journalists must learn: association doesn't equal causation
Terrific WSJ story on FDA device approval
5 Monkeys Get JFK or 9/11 type spread
Med student's editorial on conflict of interest
Medical Schools' Faustian bargain With Pharma
Slow down on monkey AIDS projections
Another reminder that it's a good thing this guy lost
The fear-mongering on health care reform has begun
Proton promotions
Viva Viagra in Virtual Reality
Number 17 ranking for my blog
The scan scam
The crazy quilt of health care in the US
Call for more facts on magazine drug ads
Lack of strong evidence for most heart therapies
CR takes on Chantix "stealth" ads
A story that sucked about a procedure that sucks
UK's NICE at 10 - US at 0
Stupid sports medicine headlines
PR Diarrhea
Reform of a $2.5 Trillion Health Care Industry
Report and news conference on the state of health journalism
Caveat emptor on calcium scores
Mishandling of med school conflict of interest process
Disease-mongering by the Washington Post: here we go again
Health journalism competing with Britney?
Virtually no news about virtual colonoscopy questions
No need to buy Harry & Louise ad time when you have CNN
More "cure for the common cold" hype
Why will Twin Cities have FIVE children's hospitals?
Too many "check engine" lights on the human body
Helping patients make wiser health care choices
Beware blog rankings
Ghostwriting debate
Wow! A front-page evidence-based screening story!
BMJ reminds docs: It takes two to tango with pharma
One health news unit closes; another should consider doing so
Congratulations to Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel health news team
Women still not given enough, nor correct, mammography info
Wikio ranks my blog in top 20
Will Boston lose business due to medical conflict-of-interest laws?
Hoosiers get health journalism lecture on the radio
Only 50 Ways To Leave Big Pharma?
Did handling of med school conflict of interest issues lead to this change in administration?
Improvement in health news grades
Ethical questions about consumer-driven health care plans and marketing thereof
Milwaukee paper keeps hammering on conflict of interest
"The wisdom of the crowds" isn't always wise - even that of online doctors
Spine surgeons group toughens disclosure policy
UMN med school prof tired of "foot-dragging" on conflict of interest policy
Consumer Reports online health summit
Lunch with pharma at breast cancer conference
Patients unaware of docs' conflicts of interest
Surprise! PhRMA chief doesn't want Medicare negotiating drug prices
Gaping hole in med school conflict of interest policies
Is "substantially equivalent" good enough for approval of new medical devices?
"How in the hell can a guy walk out in 20-below zero and not wake up?"
One more thing I hate about airplane tray tables
Are doctors loyalties divided?
The Gupta Chronicles
We interrupt this vacation.....
1,000 blog postings – time for a vacation
TV news directors make another bad deal on health care news
New England Journal of Medicine editorial on health care journalism
How NOT to handle conflict of interest disclosure
Ghostwriting & pharma's publication planning
Conflicting and crusading news coverage of colonoscopies
Drug becomes "top PR blunder"
Pharma fails to get serious with drug ad reform
Blog drought
Know Your Chances
Conflict of interest on NPR's "On the Media"
Which headline tells the story?
Tough questions on health blog censored by TV news director
Gotta have a robot to compete
Anemic health news coverage
At least the Germans are interested....
How did a nonstory based on an iffy study end up in a New York Times blog?
Entanglement of medical journalists & Big Pharma
"Science reporting by press release"
Drug company pricing shenanigans
Saga of the heart sock continues
Dr. Stephen Colbert on the Jupiter statin study, etc.
AP pronounces AIDS cure
Statin study: "Everybody's talking at me; I don't hear a word they're saying."
More statin scrutiny & skepticism
Some words of caution about cholesterol study
Sergeant Scan of the Radiology Police says NO
Vytorin saga gets messier
Definitions are everything with conflict of interest
On-air spat between anchor and medical correspondent
"You can't keep stuffing gizmos into people" to treat them
Patients v. Pharma
Journalists' screening bias piece on The Daily Beast
Tidbits from the vast wasteland of TV health news
Why is an evidence-based statement being ignored?
Badger docs ban gifts
Should hospitals have to disclose cancer treatment outcome disparities?
Myths about health insurance
Entanglements of conflicts of interest in health care news
More debate folly followup
While infants die, we talk about attack ads
What Makes Mayo Different?
And now, your league leader in conflicts of interest.....
Threat to vital Canadian health information resource
Hopelessly devoted to imbalanced advice on network TV
Rush to market with ovarian screening test gets warning
Campaign myths on prevention
Caveat emptor when it comes to your colon
Health care horror story of the day
Health policy Quote of the Day
Health journalism Quote of the Day
Waiting for medical test results
Editors may not know what they're doing with health news stories
Fibromyalgia in the French Quarter
Chicago Tribune's "United States of Anxiety" series
Cheers & jeers for health news coverage of virtual colonoscopy
Science by news release
He'll now take his silver Mercedes sports car elsewhere
More on editorial bias against publishing negative results
We don't get all the bad news from drug trials
Do health care consumers have enough skin in the game yet?
Merck continues to push Gardasil HPV vaccination for more women
Durenberger: "McCain & Palin have been sold a bill of goods"
Medical device ads more troublesome than drug ads?
Whatever happened to "certificate of need" laws?
Should Pharma PR Pros Write the Government’s Advice to Consumers?
No Mas, No Gracias, No Pharma Gifts
Men are more dissatisfied with robotic prostate surgery
Have Insurance, Need Access
Roanoke editor disavows any hospital pressure
Hospital ad pressure on a newspaper?
Use Technorati
More health care choices don't mean lower prices
Doctors, dollars and devices - Strib series
"StandUp2Cancer"? Or "StandUp4Pharma"?
Not standing down yet on "Stand Up To Cancer"
Everybody Loves Raymond's prostate
Questions about Stand Up to Cancer
WSJ reports new problems in spinal fusion surgery
Cross-border influence of US drug ads
The Downs side of health info on the Web
Debate on British plan to screen people at high-risk of cardiovascular problems
International journalists can't believe our health news
Celebrity shoulder surgery "LIVE" on CNN
The cream and the crud of August health journalism
Harry & Louise and the same old proposed solutions
Ads use fear to sell HIV drugs
What we pay for health care administrative costs!
Be very afraid of big government health care....that we already have!
Lessons about consumer-driven health plans
Who can afford the newest drugs?
More than everyone in the world will be obese
Sick sensationalism
Hospital ads and hospital hype
Big business in snoring and apnea
Young men and prostate cancer screening
And we ain't talkin' recreational drug use
Why are so many drug prices going up 100% or higher?
Yes, still another case of "journalist" pro-screening bias
You can find conflict-free experts in health care, medicine and science
Ethical small-town journalist gets well-deserved big-time award
New prostate recommendations - new lessons for crusading journalists
Would you like first class or second class skin care?
Cell phone cancer scare on Larry King Live
Awful week for health news on NBC
Big Pharma & Big Politics
More MRI & imaging centers - do we ever say "NO"?
Insurers say we're wasting $30B a year on scans
Here's why off-label drug marketing is off the charts
Mid-summer blog break
ABC proclaims a miracle
U.S. health system on the wrong track
Another slam to retiree health benefits
Olympians pushing Botox - an "outrageous caper"
Green ($$$) Mountain State for drug marketing
How a headline can ruin a health/science story
Local reax to USNWR hospital rankings
List of drugs doctors wouldn't take
Reax to PHRMA's toothless code of ethics
Drug industry move that doesn't go far enough
Aussies fine Lilly for Cialis promotion
Wisdom of the crowd re: kids & cholesterol
More on the crushing costs of cancer drugs
More than 600 stories reviewed on
Questions about costly cancer drug Avastin
"No Drug Reps" certificate for your door
UnitedHealth faces the music
You wouldn't want to be a Republican Senator at a July 4th picnic
The $6 Million Dollar Researcher
To hell with evidence
Would back surgery be approved if it were a drug?
Our Friday "feel good" about the health care system segment
Problems in bioethics
House Republicans Use Antidepressant Slogan
We're #5! We're #5!
"If a surgeon recommends this, run away as fast as you can."
Key opinion leaders not in the public interest?
Disease-mongering by Russert pundits
Tracking conflict of interest news coverage
And while we fiddle with Botox, Rome burns
Billion dollar Botox bill
Checking local health care costs before you move
Apologies for the server issues
Did Dad get his navel pierced for Father's Day?
Were the data on Paxil suicide risk cooked?
Russert was a role model for TV journalists
NY Daily News unhealthy Father's Day prostate promo
What's happening with cancer costs?
Disease-mongering: Let's all be worried about our plaque buildup
"Bypass brain" or "pump-head"
Don't forget the underinsured
UK & Canadian questions: who's guarding the henhouse?
FDA sending far fewer warning letters to pharma
The inexact science of projecting survival time
Even a physician knows right from wrong
Trojan horses sneaking ads into peer-reviewed journals
News coverage about my health news coverage journal article
The whining dinosaur questions children's hospital turf wars
Connecting the dots in health care reform news
Consumer Reports' tool on hospital aggressiveness
More care is not always better care
Suffer the little children
The "kid in the candy store" picture of US health care
Blog break
Taking consumer-driven medicine to new depths
The good and the ugly in TV health news
American & German health care
CheneyCare irks California Nurses
Why isn't it called plagiarism in TV health news?
More on school lunch panel conflict of interest
Concerns about clinical trial recruitment
Conflicts of interest on school cafeteria standards panel
Why didn't FDA act on Procrit ads?
Getting "informed consent" for drug trials in poor countries
Is ultrasound the stethoscope of the 21st century?
Reporters & McCain's health care campaign canard
Proud of my undergrad health journalism students
Did you want butter on your cigarette butt?
Undisclosed conflicts of interest in media interviews
Conflicts of interest in psychiatry's bible group
Texas hospital bans workers from reading critical newspaper series
Thurston Howell III Would Have Loved Health Savings Accounts
Numbing news on rising health care costs
Sex & Cereal
McCain, market-based solutions, and the money CEOs make
The Healthy Skeptic - written by one who is
Shearlings plowed - or Plough shares in blogosphere
Re-design & new features on
Why are Mommy's boobies bigger suddenly?
Drug companies' 1,044 broken promises
Dingell buries von Eschenbach: "I didn't fall off the cabbage wagon yesterday."
Another screening controversy - another online debate
Off-label promotion equals 19th Century medicine
Drug-and-device-reps-free zone
Your job and your health insurance
Alcohol & breast cancer stories worthy of lining the bird cage
Protesting off-label drug promotion
Tanning for dollars - researcher conflict of interest
60 Minutes piece on Kanzius cancer cure not worth 60 seconds
Ghostwriting: a scary practice
US "system" compared to health care around the world
The myth of "the best health care in the world"
Drug ads should tell you the cost
WSJ Health Blog Flogs Vytorin Again
Two views about drugs from other countries
Minnesota proud to be at bottom of this list
Grassley Knocks Doc Taking Pharma Funds
New Dartmouth Atlas of Health Care released
Nonprofit hospitals as profit machines
Disease mongering by Women's Health magazine
NEJM tries to clear up dirty lung study controversy
How drug companies wine & dine doctors
We should expect better from a medical journal
Stop running scared
More suggestions of drug company deceit on Vytorin
A TV news role model dies
The bandwagon for gastric banding
WSJ Health Blog's March Madness drug company CEO brackets
Top 5 reasons to question a new antidepressant
25 Shocking Facts About Pharma
Happy 10th Birthday to Assoc. of Health Care Journalists
Tobacco conflict of interest behind lung cancer study
March madness in medical news on network TV
Medical emergencies on commercial airlines
Mudslinging? Does "metabolic syndrome" mean anything?
Pfizer Enlists a Labor Union (SEIU) to Promote Lipitor
Nasty bloodsucking bedbug epidemic revisited
Laws to overcome Pharma's influence
Newspaper lets hospital buy news coverage
Troubling questions about failure to disclose conflicts of interest
Medicare to pick up tab for more heart scans
Sleep may be not be the big problem special interests claim it is
The nasty bloodsucking bedbug epidemic
2008 Poynter Ethics Fellows
The butterfly in your bedroom
How much will we spend for so modest a benefit?
We don't know jack
Four related stories in one day – impact of the drug ad assault
More on news organizations promoting unnecessary testing
Here we go again - another industry-funded Sleep Awareness Week
What is there to debate about medicine's conflicts of interest?
Is This Test Really Necessary?
Industry influence on medicine
Drug Trials Should Not Be Done for Marketing Purposes Only
Health care spending more than $4 trillion by 2017?
Pfizer pulls plug on Dr. J ads
Sex products & the sports section
MedBlog Power 8
Saturday Night Live drug spoof
Breast cancer advocate: Patients lose, drug company wins
Public Relations Ethics
Another case of paid-for "fake" TV health news
More journalistic disease-mongering
Promoting obsession with health test scores
FDA considers opening the door to more "off-label" promotion
A question about the value of online discussion free-for-alls
Oh, the games insurers play now; every night and every day now
Do statins like Lipitor "make women stupid"?
Glass half empty or full? What's the news?
The overdiagnosis & overtreatment of prostate cancer
Dr. J's drug ad stunt double; fighting the fog
Kudos to local TV reporter for tackling health policy
Drug companies use ads to overcome what the data showed
Nothing but miracles, breakthroughs, rainbows & unicorns for TODAY Show
When Drug Trials Go Wrong
Possible Billion Dollar Fine For Off-Label Drug Promotion
Is the obesity "epidemic" exaggerated?
Financial conflicts of interest in spine study
More Pharma Tricks With Off-Label Claims About Their Drugs
Cheers & jeers for health care journalists
Best piece of health care journalism I've seen in a long time
Drug company suppression of bad news
Pharma profits
Ethical news director quits over hospital deal for fake TV health news
Blog break
Humbled by Taiwan's national health insurance
Dr. J - all-star drug promoter
Who's Behind the Bible of Mental Illness?
More journalistic screening bias: "a matter of faith not science"
The Cost of Pushing Pills
Online guides to candidates' health policy positions
Pharma free samples - who gets 'em?
2007's "Stinkiest Media Performances"
Bothered by "breakthroughs"
Does the language of a story match the evidence?
Medical Myths & Pimp My Slang
Stocking Stuffers From Big Pharma
Something smelly about statin trial: Congress investigates
Conflict of interest in continuing medical education
Health care costs and the nation's long term budget outlook
Despite lack of evidence, use of PSA test increases
Heart stent ads during heart-stopping football
Another new disorder - another use for an old drug
Overdose: too many doctors
Nail in coffin for health care myths
Reminders of how much money people make in medicine
More on the medical arms race syndrome
You can find experts without conflicts of interest
Drug company ghostwriting
Microbe-phobia reaching a fever pitch
Goodbye, Columbus TV health news credibility
Off-label drug promotion guidelines off-target
"The Christmas miracle of antioxidants"
Even those with health insurance get hammered
Cancer risk from overuse of CT scans
Dr. Drug Rep
Shock & Awe Hits Home
Disease-mongering of constipation
Trying to reach editors to improve health journalism
TV sweeps period contrived controversy
Health professionals' benevolence keeps U.S. from universal health insurance
Outrage over use of recycled condoms
"Troubling pattern of behavior by pharmaceutical executives"
Debate over value and marketing of fertility therapies
Call for transparency in Medicare's use of journals
The Whole Story
Consumer Reports' terrific new drug ad watch
Drug company gifts to Third World doctors
More on Lipitor, Jarvik, and battling generics
Kickbacks to orthopedic surgeons
Lipitor ad/pr campaign to battle generic competition
Medicare beware
More on Rudy's rude awakening on prostate cancer facts
Rudy G's ridiculous rant exposed as fiction
Well-deserved recognition for Jack Wennberg
Brain MRI: the more you look, the more you find
Overspending on medical overtreatment
The fallout from newborn screening
TV news loses another great one
Questions about the annual physical
Uncle Billy's Drug-Promoting Campfire Show
The Dangers of a "Zagat Guide" to Physicians
The mis-labeling of "socialized medicine"
Exuberance over Exubera comes to crashing halt
Calling All Charlatans
Influence of industry on academic medicine
Annual checkups overrated
Is all of the cancer death rate decline real?
The U.S. muddle over a child's right to health care
Support for new guidelines on mammography for women in 40s
Newspaper columnist whines about tobacco use fee
Bitter SCHIP recipe
Pandora's box of DTC drug ads
Caution about behind-the-counter drug idea
Genetic tests marketed to consumers
Cancer scare survivors
Many women misinformed on breast cancer
Jerking your string with YOYO economics
$500 million settlement doesn't wash away drug company sins
Avandia execs planned punishment for researcher's negative findings
GM contract means a new era in health benefits
Medicare OKs marketing of private plans over objections
Drug and broadcast lobbies win again; no drug ad reform
The corruption of health journalism awards
Health news that is too brief to matter
Another news story about the limitations of some studies
Most scientific studies tainted by sloppy analysis
20/20 lacks vision on Stossel health care special
Bush administration blocks FDA reform
Health insurance premium pain level increasing
Push for tougher FDA conflict of interest policy
Another Medicare Boondoggle
Journalists aren't the only ones who need statistical training
Reporters not asking right questions on health care reform
British M.D.-journalist slams journalists for conflicts of interest
Big jump in the uninsured a finalist for a FREDDIE award
Is depression over-diagnosed?
Tough questions missing on robot story
Under the influence of drug marketing
New Pew Report: Public Press Criticism
A purchaser and consumer complaint
Radio appearance
Do you trust CNN's Dr. Sanjay Gupta?
Paid-for TV health "news"
Old friends
When news, advertising and new media clash
Princeton economist thanks Michael Moore
NBC still hyping restless leg syndrome
Why do we even still have a Surgeon General?
Michael Moore vs. 3 of CNN’s best – part two
Michael Moore blitzes Wolf on CNN
HRT study miscommunicated by NIH?
Journal editor bemoans bird flu scare mongering
Vitamin D & Thee
Pharma's growing influence on continuing medical education
Jeer to Alzheimer's Association statement
No cure for Reader's Digest hype
Mirror Award goes to
Journal article imbalance on mammography's benefits vs. harms
Consumer-driven plans faltering?
Journal Watch tracks conflict of interest
Avandia critic says drugmaker tried to shut him up
Politicizing drug safety
How can we trust drug trials?
Cancer crusading takes an ugly turn
Disciplined Docs Still on Pharma Payroll
Canadian "drug policy reform" effort driven by Pharma funds
Pharma-funded nurses in UK - backdoor drug marketing?
Drug Industry Gifts Make Gastro-Conference Easier to Digest
The more we hear about Avandia the worse it gets honored again
Is Avandia the heart risk sequel to Vioxx?
No surprise: Americans confused about cancer
Stop calling it the best health care system in the world
Should women be downing statins? Online debate.
Sorting Out Good Science From the Bad
Unhealthy advocacy: journalists and screening tests
Michael Moore's "SICKO" has 'em on the edge of their seats already
Advisers urge curb on EPO use; Ads slammed, too
Drug whistleblower on Procrit promotions
The true harms of a false positive test
Student project on clinical trials registry
Medicare rejects depression device the media helped hype
NH law protecting prescription data overturned
Lack of sustained coverage of health care crisis
News coverage of a new prostate cancer test
Drug company influence on patient advocacy groups
Chicago Sun-Times' imprudent prostate campaign
How an e-mail rant jolted a big HMO
Thailand does what U.S. can't: play hardball with Pharma
More pro-screening bias by some journalists
Medicare not getting best bang for taxpayer buck
Conflict of interest in advanced diagnostic imaging
Questions about Gardasil cervical cancer vaccine
Panel pans pain drug
Closer look at HSAs: rationing by income class
Expensive PR campaign for Gardasil
New pains for painkillers
Old concerns about new medical device ads
Interesting new health blogs
CNN's one-sided view of mammography controversy
60 Minutes on pharma influencing Congress - but why so late?
Women penalized in "consumer-driven" health plans?
FDA Okays Conflicts on Committee Considering Merck’s New Pain Pill
Health care report cards not answering the right questions
New (old?) questions about mammography in the 40s
Journalism or advocacy? Evidence or opinion?
The Limitations of Drug Testing in Animals
Whatever happened to the miracle obesity pill?
High school students' science project finds Glaxo's false claims
Important omissions in heart & cancer stories
Negative drug news doesn't get the same play as positive
Concern over doctors' ties to drug companies
Lots of drug-related conflict of interest news this week
The Blind Men and the Elephant
AMA opposes UnitedHealth on antitrust grounds
Premature talk of a cure
TVWeek profile of
Medicare Advantage sign-up dirty tricks
How Two Studies on Cancer Screening Led to Two Results
Erythropoietin bad news hidden late on Friday?
Are you anxious?
"The Epidemic" of shoddy TV health news
Conflict of interest controversy with med school dean
New Mayo study questions value of lung cancer CT scans
Taking Back the FDA - at a cost of a day in Iraq
Twelve-year old dies of toothache
Blog hit by blizzard
Docs dig deeper to fight insurer review of imaging tests
New drug "Havidol" - when more is not enough
In search of conflict-free experts
Why so much medical research is rot
NNT - Number Needed to Treat
Approaching a single-payer system through the back door
Nonstop hiccup girl harassed by nonstop media pressure
PBS ombudsman thinks Glaxo sponsorship isn't worth it
Impotence drug ads during kids' TV shows
More NBC News cheerleading rather than reporting health news
U.S. health system problems worsening
How many high-priced robots and scanners can we afford?
Pharma promotion squashed in France
Misplaced priorities in health care and in some health news
Long-distance autopsy of Anna Nicole
TV sweeps period produces health news panic
Concerns over push for mandated preteen cervical cancer vaccination
Canadian paper bites on pharma-funded advocacy
Restless viewers over NBC restless leg "story"
CNN's "House Call" Makes Some Bad Calls
Molly Ivins would have loved this one
Doctors decry scan approval oversight
Think of Baycol when you hear new drug hype
Kidney Foundation conflicts of interest?
More reason to avoid drug ads
Canadian Cancer Society & Pharma Funding
While we're at war...what we lack at home
To Treat Cancer, Herbs and Prayer
U.S. health care now 16% of GDP
MRI kickbacks
How common is medical journal ghostwriting?
$4.5 Billion Drug Ad Biz
Another blow to employer-provided health insurance
PharmedOut battles problematic drug promotion
New consensus on universal health insurance
Sign of the times at the Star Tribune?
$100 million defib device ad campaign
Influence of drug ads on M.D.-patient encounter
Blog break
Big Pharma Lecture Circuit discussion continues
An epidemic of diagnoses
Concerns About Big Pharma Lecture Circuit
Celebrity doctors become drug advertisers
My furrowed brow over wrinkle fillers
Conflict of interest in New England Journal editorial
Lump of coal for heart stocking story
Cleveland Clinic MD conflict of interest story
Push for herpes testing = push for herpes drug use?
Dangerous "off-label" drug promotion campaign
Absolute vs. relative risk: an overlooked statistic
Trying to serve two masters in health journalism
GAO wants more, fuller drug ad reviews
Two recent examples of disease-mongering
Waiving conflict of interest on FDA panels
Cross-media comparisons on lung CA CT scan story
Fox guarding even more hen houses at FDA
French face transplant pioneer complains of ethics oversight
56% of uninsured are ineligible for public programs
Many in "Consumer-directed" health plans lacked choice
Adverserial hospital-physician relationships
Profit and Questions on Prostate Cancer Therapy
Inequities in the "skin in the game" health insurance argument
Consumer disenchantment with "consumer-driven" health plans
U.S. pushing drugs on other countries
Brits say Herceptin will force rationining
Conflicts of interest in American Diabetes Association?
Egregious spinning of lung cancer screening news
FDA Warns Against Guidelines Backed by National Kidney Foundation
USA Today Weekend special "breakthrough" edition
The Best Advice is Free – From Conflicts of Interest
Most defective medical device ever OK'd by FDA?
NBC reporter involvement/editorializing on lung scans
Why evidence-based medicine is important
Administration refuses to negotiate Medicare drug prices
Election impacts media & health issues
Post-election health policy agenda suggestions
eHealthcare Leadership Award to
PR firm pays journalists to attend drug hearing
Trust in medicine; docs can't be pharma lapdogs
Dems win drops drug stocks
Cholesterol TV ads clog reality
Big Canadian media company fights to overturn drug ad ban
If only health care reform issues mattered
GOP claims Dems using flu shots as voter lure
Scan-happy medicine may be hazardous
Questions about the health insurance biz
Drug company astroturfing with patient advocacy groups
Wake-up call for health care reform discussion
Medicine in conflict
Newspaper reader: "Don't promote unproven therapies"
Questions about NIH guidelines on aggressive statin use
Jane Pauley says she was duped on drug company ad supplement
Transplant monitoring agency lax in oversight
"Consumer-driven plans" may drive some to skip care
Are U.S. breasts different?
"Minnesota Nice" reaction to UnitedHealth ethics meltdown
Eli Lilly not lily-white on Xigris promotion?
Wolf in sheep's clothing? Beware pharma advocacy
Media don't connect on public's health care cost/uninsured concerns
End of an era for power player in U.S. health care
Cool Site of the Day designation drives hot traffic
Patient advocacy group overload
$410 million a month on drug ads
Just say "NO" to drug reps
WSJ "Health-Care Goldmines" series
Milwaukee editor says media must pay more attention to health care crisis
Health care spending outpaces workers' wages
Smell fishy? Taste salty? Conflict of interest, perhaps
U.S. Spends Most But Gets Mediocre Health Care
Mixed news on high-deductible health plans this week
NYT column off the mark on health care spending
Faces of the uninsured
Medicare drug "doughnut hole" swallows seniors
Employer headaches from "consumer-driven" health plans
AARP - a prescription drug power broker
More on ImClone/Erbitux; United-HCA squabble
Biotech company loses patent argument; consumers benefit?
Award for
The impact and the cost of too many "Me Too" drugs
Katie's Colon & CBS' New On-Air M.D.
High level NIH conflict of interest
More uninsured; where is the health care reform discussion?
Dutch scientists dampen diabetes hype
Durenberger's dark thoughts about healthcare status quo
The World Waits: How Should Katie Sign Off?
Does FDA approval mean safety?
What do we get for what we pay in health care?
Wide variations in way journalists cover cancer gene therapy story
Americans ask "Why can't we get drugs from Canada?"
Record number without health benefits in '05?
Journal conflicts of interest continue
Drop in HMO enrollment
It will never happen in this country
Health care industry worried about Michael Moore's "Sicko"
Local TV news fails on Bush visit
Seniors slamming into Medicare drug doughnut hole
Ballooning rates of balloon procedure in one Ohio town
Baseball and impotence
Restlessness over restless leg syndrome drug promotion
Pfizer's "off-label" promotional shenanigans
Disease-mongering and female sexual dysfunction
Consumers can't figure out health care prices
Health care conflict of interest down under
Drugmaker wants LESS risk information in drug ads
Apple-eating mice: rejoice!
Debate over stopping menstrual periods
Politicizing the FDA
Awesome Aussie Example of Pharma Largesse
Drug Makers Pay for Lunch As They Pitch
Star Trib deals double dip of premature health hype
Media manipulated by "Morgellons Disease" advocates
Pharma windfall from drugs for poor people
Another new conflict-of-interest issue in a medical journal
Medical journals, drug ads and reform
FDA scientists asked to distort data
Are National Academy of Science panels fair & balanced?
Erosion of trust in medical journals
Medical Arms Race
Hospital execs' conflict of interest questions
Paper doesn't disclose who's paying Flying Nun to fly
Consumer-driven Health Care Marketing Disguised As News
Katie Couric cancer fundraisers violate ethics
Is this a market-based solution to health care delivery?
Is this progress?
Big provider pays big bucks for unnecessary surgery
Journal editor asks: Can we tame the monster?
How drug companies squelch negative findings
Doctor-run charities and conflict of interest
Katie Couric colon campaign may be improving
British docs: national health service vs. U.S. market-based plan?
Important questions about medical errors study
Prescription for harm: decline in FDA enforcement
Media advocacy without all the facts
Gannett stuffs newspapers with "HealthSmart" ad section
CNN's questionable screening test advice
More caution about news from scientific meetings
TIME magazine fails to disclose glaring conflict of interest
Blogger Breather Break
Ambien Zombies
Horse sense
UnitedHealth shareholders sue
Nurse criticizes Strib for promoting cancer magic bullet
Local news media fall prey to medical marketing
Hospital webcasts make me ill
Proportionality in journalism
You can tell it’s TV sweeps-ratings time
"A significant deficiency" at UnitedHealth
Wake up! More sleeping pill drug dirt!
Losers and winners in Medicare drug benefit
Celebrex tries to bounce back with new ads
More consumer reaction to UnitedHealth pay and stock options
Bitter Pill Awards
UnitedHealth CEO sorry for fuss over pay
Overblown news about "breakthrough" breast cancer drug?
Breast cancer advocates scrutinize news better than some journalists
Generic drug's path to retail market often long and contentious
The Big Pharma Big Bucks Battle To Stifle Generic Drugs
Hypertension drug panel stacked with industry consultants
More stink over UnitedHealth CEO & Board stock options
High times in the high blood pressure drug market
Conflict of interest in psychiatry's "bible"?
Reasons for improved longevity in U.S.?
Raloxifene news coverage
Thousands go to
Debut of
The Fight Against Disease Mongering
More fake news followup - from the nation's 2nd biggest market
Going in different directions over Xenical obesity drug
Deflecting attention from Iraq with new war on cancer?
Healthcare CEO Pay Watch
Fake TV news - widespread and undisclosed
"It's wealth care, not health care"
Billion dollar battle over generic drugs
Quandary over living wills
Bush's Health Care Point Man
April Fool's
Making "extreme laziness" into a disease
Still another sleeping pill & ad war?
National Sleeping Pill Advertising Week
The 7-minute close encounter with a doctor
"No" to another ADHD drug
Potential harms of breast cancer screening
“Hitchcockian? reaction to the bird flu
Does the world need another ADHD drug?
Plavix TV ads keep making claims that have been refuted
"Just add water" TV health reporting
Who controls medical/scientific information flow?
Crusading for colon cancer without evidence
Criticism of possible new FDA chief
Cascade of cardiology stories
Faith in 'Miracle Cures' Is Fading in South Korea
More questions about TV health news
Bashing Bush on health care reform
Conflict of interest on FDA panel
Pharma breaking promise on followup studies
Health journalists can't rely on the news release
More balanced info needed on breast CA screening
Surgeon General scares Americans; offers few solutions
Ethical concerns about holes in the news/ad wall
In the guts of Guidant
United We Stand
Milwaukee TV medical reporter canned
Twin Cities media ready to cure diabetes - even if the science isn't there yet
Yellow light on the fast track
Stink from fish studies in absence of full disclosure
How drug lobbyists influence doctors
Cancer progress...but at what price?
Big Oil & Big Health Care
Bush pushes health plan at burger & fries joint
Medical device makers spin semantics
Looking for conflicts of interest
Economist questions health savings accounts
"Baked Kolata, Hold the Caveats"
10% of 10-year old boys on ADHD drugs!
HSAs for the younger and wealthier?
Wrong incentives in "consumer-driven health care"
Questioning the independence of health advocacy groups
Cracking down on 69-year old drug "criminals"
Problems tracking medical device safety
Health savings accounts not ready for prime time
Need focus on quality and outcomes, not just cost
Demand for true health care reform
Editorials anticipate State of Union HSA push
Conflicts of interest in academic medical centers
Op-ed pieces slam Medicare drug "benefit"
Bush push for more health savings accounts
Pharma whistleblower lawsuit
Health care in 2006
MN Republicans criticize feds for Medicare Rx plan
Pharma's so-called "educational" grants
A tale of two health care systems
Mixed message on Medicare drug coverage
The science and politics of colorectal cancer screening
Top ten health/health care stories of 2005
Bringing in the big guns for close vote on health issues
Kudos to ABC for primetime report on uninsured
Bush's bewildering answer to Medicare confusion
Hyped "improvement" of PSA test is no solution
Ghostwriting in medical journals
Cleveland Clinic's stunning conflict of interest story
TV ads feeding kids' overeating habits
Sagging sales for impotence drugs
More evidence against value of Cox-2 drugs
Gannett TV stations push profits and ethical limits
NBC Today show hypes medical technologies
How the media caught Tamiflu
What value in Alzheimer's treatments?
Glucosamine/chondroitin - the spin begins
News director responds to my criticism
Medicare drug plan: greatest advance or boondoggle?
Journals debate Herceptin claims
Ads for SSRI antidepressants misleading?
Newspapers review Bush pandemic plan
Tamiflu hype
TV news runs from healthcare reform news
Bush pandemic plan puts more pressure on states
Questions about Medicare drug prices
Drug industry PR fiasco over novel
Another ill-advised use of "cure"
Breast screening: fear, false hope and greed
No surprise: guideline authors have conflicts of interest
Over-reacting to the wrong risks
Was the Clinton plan so awful?
New Herceptin study > new hype
Bird flu gets a blog
Medicare websites not ready for prime time
The high risk of consumer-driven health plans
Onslaught of sleeping pill ads paying off?
Why didn't FDA approve Plan B for OTC?
Consumers lost in labyrinth of medical bills
Tone down the stem cell hype
Pinkwashing with breast cancer fundraising
"Me Too" drugs make up much of drug costs
Medicare misinformation
A different kind of awareness for Breast Cancer Month
Medicare drug benefit "impossible to understand"
von Eschenbach takes off one hat; future of FDA in question
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Von Eschenbach's two hats
Protecting deadly drug trade secrets?
Doctors' ties to device makers
Why did the FDA chief quit?
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Medical group shuts out No Free Lunch group
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More potential conflict of interest in FDA drug review
TIME's heart cover story raises serious ad/news questions
Brits warn against unnecessary screening & scanning
Is AP Radio inviting fake radio health news?
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Scientists say stop selling "metabolic syndrome"
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Industry ties cloud research
Docs criticize sleeping pill ads
What do we know (not know) about weight loss drug Meridia?
Flaws in peer review
Doctor/"reporter" sells cream on QVC
Nailing a story
Health costs shifting to employees
Need facts, not emotion, in disease awareness campaigns
Selling Sickness
Can't mix news and PR jobs
Drug debate: "Rx of choice" or "little better than nothing"?
Informed consent problems too common
Stem cell superlatives without caveats
Pharma's "softball" drug ad guidelines
Drug company influence causes scientific split
Blog break until Monday
Roles and responsibilities of health journalists
Commercialism in TV health news
Sad reflection on Medicare's 40th anniversary
Reflections of a transplanted Canadian
Wide variations in U.S. hospital quality
Wanted: a political leader to take on this mess
Bioethicist bothered by industry-funded bioethics
Here we go again: another Vioxx?
Even the insured avoid care due to costs
Disclosure of drug company funding in news
Journalists shouldn't live by weekly journals
Reading recommendations
Hospitals advertise via live surgical webcasts
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Early response to my certification idea
Separating the puppets from the pros in TV health news
Got milk? Got deceived?
House rejects coverage of impotence drugs
TV news doesn't cover health policy news
PSA test uncertainty: are MDs and patients aware?
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Blood pressure group boils over pharma influence
Wal-Mart workers rely on state-subsidized health
Health news hiatus
In praise of whistleblowers
"Praise the Lord and pass the Vioxx"
Misleading drug ad claims
Drug companies make a mockery of trial registry
Industry gags academic medicine
WebMD story hypes Levitra
Guidant didn't disclose device flaw
Medicaid paid for Viagra for sex offenders
Mixing math and medicine creates confusion
Medical Journals Manipulated By Drug Companies
Feds to spend $2 billion on impotence in decade
The future of TV news
Celebrity endorsements of cancer screening
Caveat Viewer
Getting rich off MRI and CT scans
Journalists suggest scientists know more than they do
Citizen unrest over health legislation
Why go to the dentist every 6 months?
An inside look at drug reps misleading doctors
Americans more worried about health care costs than losing jobs
Living Wills Should Not Be About Cost Savings
Reporters are not the story
CNN fails straight facts on gay foster parents debate
Hyperbole's new heights (or depths)
Bucking the "buckraking" trend
Deifying a doctor; fawning sensationalism
Counting deck chairs on the Titanic
New stadium or health care?
Alzheimer's gene therapy hype
Broadcasters should have to disclose all commercial sources
Obesity impact overstated
Do we need all these drugs?
FDA warns 3 drug companies about ads
Confessions of a VNR user
FCC rules on video news releases
Checkbook science & an environmental hazard?
Drug prices continue to outpace inflation
State could make smart health care buys
Medicare chief refuses to rule out more VNRs
Conflict of interest in breast implant panel?
Legislators get health insurance when they need it
Pulitzer Prize winner pounds health journalism
Journalists' impact on improving health care
How much drug company $ do medical journals get?
Charity care lawsuits vs. non-profit hospitals
Medicare launches web site for consumers to compare hospital quality
Why not first cut health help to those not in need
Scrutinize sleep statistics
Consumer recall on drug ads
Tommy Thompson's mea culpa over Medicaid
Durenberger on disparities
Interesting legislation that doesn't stand a chance
Terri Schiavo and millions of others
The administration's fake news fiasco won't die
Why so much hype for one procedure?
Care for chronically ill needs better coordination
Republican Senator challenges Medicaid cuts
Uncertain stem cell science
FDA letter attempts to silence journalist
Hilarious drug ad parody
Medicaid overpaying for drugs
Pfizer drug combo plan criticized
Regulatory timidity
What will FDA do with Iressa?
Catastrophe of infant deaths
FDA official questions DTC ads
Purple pill shenanigans?
Beyond cures, breakthroughs and news releases
$1 per pack cigs tax hike in MN?
Lessons from Cox-2 drug marketing
Gov't. paying half of all health care $$$
Conflicts of interest continue
"Voice of science stifled in Bush administration"
Bird flu pandemic?
"Safety has been trumped."
Govs oppose Bush Medicaid cuts
Beating around the Bush administration's "news" policies
FDA's odd, questionable deliberation of Vioxx et al
Vatican blasts "religion of health"
Using Indians to get drugs
Medicare mandates questionable test
Public health quandary: when to tell the public?
Whose watchdog is better: U.S. or Canada?
The View from Mt. NIH
Medical disaster: that's entertainment!
Oops, it's going to cost a little more
Healthcare isn't a tomato
Editorials rip Medicare coverage of Viagra et al
The Onion: Alarmists excited over bird flu
Squeezing Medicaid
Where the naproxen story went wrong
Sales of erectile dysfunction drugs softer than expected
Desperate drug companies rely on giveaways
Welfare by another name
Balancing state budgets on the backs of the uninsured
Prediction: even more health video news releases in '05
Rapid rise & fall of scanning clinics
Medicare's shocking news
Health care's rich get richer
Another round of Alzheimer's mice hype
Minnesota reports hospital errors
CDC corrects obesity death over-estimation
Financial ties raise questions about heart studies
A gift for drug makers
Bad ads & worst pills
Other views on "slowdown" in health care spending
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Journalists: how will states handle Medicaid this year?
Health Care: a sick system
20 years ago in medical news....
We'll take your bad beef if you keep your lower cost drugs
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U.S. stands alone allowing drug ads
Stop Prescription Drug Ads
Medicare VNR gets top 2004 "Falsie" award
Big Pharma worried about next Michael Moore movie
Get to real reform on RX drug costs
Journalists (and scientists) should use absolute risks
Who cares about Bush's Health Savings Account?
What we don't know about RX drugs could kill
Medicare RX law an "atrocity"
Congressman becomes Big Pharma Honcho
HELP! Someone help the Medicare helpline!
Journalists should disclose more about non-profits
Ten Troublesome Trends in TV Health News
Lonely, but lucrative, at the top
Who's advising WHO about communicating risk?
Do the obesity numbers matter?
Cutting off the Canadian drug cartel
FDA silences a Bextra critic
Miracle pill
Different standards for local products on the biz page?
Low-income hardworking stiffs swing no weight
What did Merck know and when did they know it?
U.S. pays 81% more for RX drugs
Retirees afraid and angry
Health care = most critical issue for many
Minnesota Republicans Split
Marketing McDonalds & Opthalmology
Using Fear/Fighting Fear
Drug company hypocrisy?
Someone's getting rich off healthcare
The bank is open at Medicare
Looser drug ad regs???
More does not = better
"Think Before You Pink" campaign
Flu, the coup (not!)
Sickly states
Meaty, meaningful discourse on health policy
Vioxx bites the dust
Statins, statins everywhere but ne'er a drop to drink
Health care only 4th on voters' minds?
Shark attack
Toto, thank God we're not in Kansas
Oops, we were off a bit!
Who's doing the budget?
Levitra Play of the Week
Car maker's cost crisis
Ahhh, the Golden Years!
Test pioneer says PSA era is over
An era of drug trial deception
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