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Cafe Scientifique: The Cannabis Controversy 1/9

Tuesday, January 9, 2007, 6 p.m.
Varsity Theatre, Dinkytown
$5 suggested donation

One of the earliest known cultivated plants, Cannabis sativa has long been used for disparate purposes. In the form of hemp, Cannabis produces nutritious seeds and strong, resilient fibers that are used to make rope and clothing. In the form of marijuana, Cannabis is the most abundant illegal drug in the United States. Minnesota farmers once supplied the hemp industry but today all hemp fiber is imported from abroad because state and federal law bans all Cannabis plants. Interest in hemp as a renewable resource and in medical marijuana has fueled a Cannabis controversy with political implications. Several states recently passed laws in direct conflict with federal regulations. Can the controversy be resolved? What can science contribute? Bell Museum curator of plants George Weiblen discusses the science and politics of this most controversial plant.

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