"Developing clean and environmentally friendly energy is one of the biggest challenges facing science and technology this century."

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Professor Kortshagen was named head of the Mechanical Engineering Department in the summer of 2008.

SciFinder Scholar

Chemical Engineering, Materials Science Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Physics, and Chemistry

Professor Uwe Kortshagen

Mechanical Engineering in the Mechanical Engineering Building on the Twin Cities Campus

Main focus:
Plasma Processes for Advanced Technological Applications.

What I do:
I look for ways to use ionized gases to create new materials to produce lower cost solar cells for alternative energy applications. The low cost solar cells would eventually be used in solar panels that could help power buildings cleanly. Solar power must be reduced to a tenth of its current cost to be a viable energy alternative.

Jon Jeffryes: Mechanical Engineering Librarian

Wayne L. Gladfelter:
Chemistry Dept.,
IGERT Nanoparticle
And Science Engineering

Steven Girshick: Mechanical Engineering, High Temperature and Plasma Lab

Goldy the Gopher: University Mascot

Doping efficiency, dopant location, and oxidation of Si nanocrystals,? X. D. Pi and R. Gresback, R. W. Liptak ,S. A. Campbell, U. Kortshagen, Appl. Phys. Lett. 92, 123102 (2008).
" Size-dependent intrinsic radiative decay rates of silicon nanocrystals at large confinement energies,? Milan Sykora, Lorenzo Mangolini, Richard D. Schaller, Uwe Kortshagen, David Jurbergs, and Victor I. Klimov, Phys. Rev. Lett. 100, 067401 (2008).
Plasma-Assisted Synthesis of Silicon Nanocrystal Inks ,? Lorenzo Mangolini and Uwe Kortshagen, Advanced Materials 19, 2513 (2007).