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Microform Scanner Can Now Email Scans

The microform scanner in 206 is now set up for email, instructions and training will be provided to staff soon. Please read the following important points taken from an email from Eric Forbis:

- All email sent from the scanner PC will have "" as the return address, and mail sent to a mistyped or nonexistent address will return to the sciref account.

-There is one minor 'gotcha' when emailing images. After scanning the image, adding it to the folder, and selecting 'email', a window will pop up asking for an email address (can be anything), and which format you prefer (pdf, jpg, or tiff). Immediately after entering the info, a second window pops up, warning the user that a program is trying to automatically send email (the program is The window looks rather alarming-- it has a large yellow exclamation point on the left side, and it forces you to wait for a progress bar to completely finish before making the "Yes" (send) button available. The notification is generated by MS Outlook, and I've not yet found a way to disable it. Please advise patrons to ignore the notice, and to click on the "Yes" button after it's available.

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