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July 2009 Archives

Printers & Value Ports in Walter

Admittedly, this post is as much about testing the BlogShow plugin for photo galleries as it is about providing visual information about the location of printers and value ports in Walter (could be used when directing a patron to a printer/value port).


Value Ports:

SLC Videos - extending due dates

We typically will extend the due dates for another 3 days for all patrons and we are much more flexible (typically up to 2 additional weeks) for faculty. If they need more time, have them contact Virginia. They do not have to fill out a form and we will take requests in person or over the phone. The one caveat is if the title has a reservation already put on it for hold during that loan period, but that should be indicated in Aleph (with a (1) next to the item on the side), and I believe a pop-up if you tried to extend into that reserve period. I would be happy to demonstrate if there are further questions.


Just a reminder to everyone at the SciEng Ref Desk that Chem 1021 and 1022 are in session this summer, and we're starting to get questions about their poster projects. Don't forget about Meghan's indispensable courselib pages, which are referenced in the students' syllabi:

SMART walk-in consultants reduced for summer, available at Klaeber Court

FYI to anyone working at a reference service point over the summer: the SMART Learning Commons has reduced their walk-in help with math, chemistry, physics, etc during the summer, but students can still find help with math, physics, and astronomy at Klaeber Court, M-F 1-5pm. (

Klaeber Court location map

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